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Her CATwalk To Hell #2

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Imodelafrica, Her catwalk to hell

I can remember vividly how i met Gabriella: she had come alone to the ‘Miss Unizik’ beauty contest alone -not really alone, but in the company of her room mate and one other neighbor of hers. You know we guys, we always take a girl to be alone when she is not in the company of any male. I remember her beauty catching my attention as i stylishly made my way to stand beside her. “Hello?” she had thrown me that ‘who be dis one sef’ look and ignored me outrightly. Ouch! That didn’t hurt though. No be today girls begin shakor like say dem no dey shit, i thought to myself and continued. “I just thought i should get to know you. I am here alone and the show is pretty boring.” Hian! The snubbing was a classic one as i was wondering whether i was even communicating at all. Mabe my lips were just moving while i was busy thinking aloud in my mind, thinking i was talking. I thought of walking away but changed my mind; nobody is bending this ego of mine: I kept glancing at her from the corner of my eyes -she was so engrossed to the pageant that she did not hear her friends say they were going to get something and that she should wait for them. She kept hissing whenever each of the contestants appeared. I laughed inwardly, i could smell envy.

“Do you know you’re prettier than those girl?” i said passively.

She turned her head instantly to look at me.

“Abi o. See how they even look self.” mba! That ws a big No-No from me. Pride? This girl is feeling herself too much. Even if she was Agbani nko? Was that not a compliment i just passed her? Is that the ‘awwn, thank you’ she ws supposed to say? Maybe she is not from this planet. She must have noticed the frown on my face from her haughty comment and she tried to make amend. “I mean they are pretty but they are not just good enough to contest for this. I was hoping to see worthy faces.”. Haah!! which one come worse now? But that one was not my concern at that moment.

“You should have contested now, am sure you would have won. You stand out.”

“Abi?,” she replied without even taking her eyes off the stage.

“Maybe you should contest next year or contest for Miss of your department this year.”

“Shebi?” she said eyeing me expectantly. And that was it o. That was how Gabriella and I started out.

After the show, i had intended to stay back until the daybreak because there was no bus to Tempsite that very hour of the morning and the available ones were very expensive -why should i pay 400 Naira for the same destination that cost Fifty Naira on a normal day.

“Alright now, Ella,” i said. “Maybe i will see you some other time,” I said, not meaning to walk away just like that without her digits or Bbm pin.

“Wait! Which way are you going?”

She looked like all this Ifite girls to me and i was happy for that. “i stay in tempsite, Odogwu Awka,” Her eyes brightened suddenly.

“We are going the same way. I stay at Nnedioramma Hostel. That’s my room mate and my neighbor. Maybe we should all go together.” Hmmm. Nnedioramma Hostel; If you stayed in Temp site you would know they are the girls to avoid. Am not calling them runs girls o. I am just saying that they are into some kind of funny lifetyle. Like, they can…abegi! They are runs girls jor! at least most of them. And if you meet the one who is a good girl, the cult boys there will not gree you to rest.

See me see Setup! See me o. How would i have dodged something like that? Charter keke from ifite to Nnedioramma and then to my place, with which money kwanu? Well, if it was now, i would have come up with something; but then i was dulled up. It was unexpected.

Her neighbor looked me all over. You never see tall fine boy before? I thought in my mind. “You could charter a bus or keke to take us all since we are going the same direction.”

Charter? Charter?! Is she mad ni? I just spoke to her friend for just thirty minutes, ehen! Has that made me her boyfriend or husband or maga?

“Yes, and it would be a lot easier for us instead of dragging the available buses with the crowd outside the gate.” that was Ella’s voice.

“Erm, em…” i stammared. How do i tell them i am not ready to go yet? Won’t that ruine my chance with Ella? “Okay. Let’s go, ” i said.

Ella’s friend and room mate lead the way. Ella and i walked behinds as i dipped my hand into my back pocket to feel the 200 Naira note which was my last card.

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