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Her CATwalk To Hell #3

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Imodelafrica, Her catwalk to hellWe chatted all through the long drive from the university’s permanent site to the Tempsite. The wind blew us freezing cold from the either sides of the Keke Napep (Tricycle) and Gabriella had been forced to lean on me. I did not even bat an eyelid as my hand went over her shoulders…that felt

good considering the fact that i was beginning to lose feelings in my hands and lips. If only her friend and room mate were not there, maybe i would have tried my lips on hers -what is the worst thing that could have happened? I get a dirty slap on either cheeks: the purpose would still be served as i know for sure my cheeks would warm up from the hot slap.

Gabriella refused to give  to me her number but she took mine with a promise to call me as soon as possible before she and her friends got out of the keke. Just see how the bad boys outside the gate were staring at the keke -I just don’t want to agree it was me they were staring at. The smell of igbo (marijuana) greeted my nostrils. If it were three months ago, i would have asked anybody with a lited joint to pass me that. But not guys like this though. I wouldn’t dare. They looked like thieves most of them are thieves abeg. Who am i deceiving? the girls walked pass the boys who didnt even care about them and in through the gate; then i signaled to the keke man to turn around, and head for Odogwu Awka before the bad boys change their minds and obtain us (rob us).

And then it was just the keke man and me. I lost my self to the silence of the night, the wheezing sounds of the gusting wind against my face, the distant voice of the driver trying to hit off a conversation and the screaming self-chiding in my head. How did i let that happen? I have never been the type to trust a girl like that :if she is not going to give me her number, she can as well forget about taking mine with promise to call. So i am supposed to wait for her call like the ‘second coming’? When i am not mad. On normal days, when i take a girl’s number, i make sure to call her phone right there lest i try it later and hear the voice prompt :”the number you are calling does not exist, please check the number and try again.” -but i fell for this one.

we don reach o” the driver said. I sat upright and stifled a yawn -i had dozed off in just ten minutes. “you no go enter inside?” i asked. “Enter inside? No o. no be wetin me nd you discuss be dat,” (No, that was not the bargain) retorted the driver.

“Okay, no problem.” i came down and started walking into Odogwu Awka street.

“Where you dey go? You never pay me now.” (where are you going to? You haven’t paid me yet) i walkd on.

The keke man got down. “E be like say you want make god punish you abi? You think say na charity organisation i be abi?” (it seems you want to be punished by God? Do you think i run a charity organisation?” i walked on.

“…e no go better for you!…bla bla bla…”

That was the worst he could do. But why didn’t he follow me to get his money or engage me in a fight? well, the boys at Nnedioramma are bad, but the boys in Odogwu awka in Odogwu Awka are baddest. After about a minute of cursing, i heard the keke engine sound as it zoomed off. I felt bad that i had to treat the innocent elderly man like that, but i felt worse that Ella jonessed me.

The next two days i felt miserable -there was nothing special about Ella, why then was i troubling myself that much over her? She has bowlegs and not half as pretty as June, i tried to console myself. Maybe she was prettier, maybe she was taller…maybe. But her breasts and buttocks were very much in my face. god! Wherever i went, i looked out for any girl with her resemblance. I was mad. On the third day i got a call from Sylvia aka Silifah: there are many things i could tell you about Silifah but when you do meet her the only thing that would remain in ur head are her wits, her smartness and on top of the list, her Breasts. You see? I even had to capitalize her Breasts.

Silifah and i had known each other for some time. She always said she hated me but i never believed her and i would say i was totally into her and she would not believe me. She had called to say she wanted to come over the next day and as much as i was happy to hear her say that, i knew she could disappoint me too: she had never come to my place as agreed, ever! -maybe this time would be different since she invited herself over by herself. Oh great expectations of mine, thou must not be cut off i prayed fervently in my head as i ate and thought about her that evening.

I was on the phone with Matty aka quick feet, he was in Cyprus and had just signed into one of the big clubs over there when i had another call in. Matty said bye-bye and ended the call when the other call came in again.

“Hello…,” i said into the mouth piece.

“Hello Baron…” came the sweet voice.

“Gabriella!!!” i screamed into the phone. I hadn’t meant to scream that loud, now she would feel i have been waiting for three days for her promised call: but it was already too late.

“wow, how come you recognised my voice on the phone?” she asked. “Anyways, you stay in Odogwu Awka,right?”

“mhmm,” i answered. Where did my tongue run to?

“Okay. Tomorrow is my lecture free day so i will be coming around to see you.”

Just like that? She literally ordered me to stay home and wait for her. Why are girls allowed to do this and boys are not?

Oh my! Tomorrow? I thought to myself, Silifah said she was coming too.

“Hello, i said am coming tomorrow, did you hear me?”

“uhh, emm…yes, that would be great,”

Silifah…Gabriella…my expectations tomorrow!…

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