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I love Entrepreneurs. They work all around the clock so that they can succeed because they know it is all up to their effort, they don’t wait for anybody’s monthly paycheck, and many more unique characteristics. I said I love entrepreneurs right but I forgot to mention that I adore female entrepreneurs who have managed to keep their head above waters in a male dominated world. The likes of Linda Ikeji, Ty Bello and our own Joy Eneghalu.
One major challenge that comes with been your own boss is the health risks as a result of stress and keeping late night. So, how can you do what you love to do and not break down as a result of it.
These are some basic tips that has worked for me, some that I observed from other great women also. First of all, know that being active and maintaining a healthy weight are the two cornerstones of disease prevention.

1. A healthy lifestyle is an active one.

A sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to a long and healthy life. To live well in today’s hectic world you should try to incorporate physical activity into your day to day routine. I understand that you are very busy therefore I made some recommendations for fitting more exercise into an healthy lifestyle.

They include:
i. You could get out of bed 15 minutes earlier and go for a brisk 10 minutes walk.
ii. Walk to a meeting and take the stairs instead of alift for at least three or four flights.
iii. Walk over to your colleagues or employees in the same office rather than using the intercom or sending emails.
iv. Walk around the pitch/court when supporting children at sports events rather than standing still or sitting.
v. Turn housework into an exercise routine.
vi. Have the whole family participate in a fitness DVD.
vii. Plan a picnic for the weekend.
viii. Find and visit your nearest outdoor gym or outdoor recreation centre.
ix. Take a 10 – 20 minutes walk at lunch time before or after you eat your lunch.
x. Take up a sport or activity you used to enjoy in the past.
Any exercise is better than no exercise after all. Being active helps you to relax, makes you think faster and also helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia e.t.c.

2. Make good food choices.

There are really no bad food choices but a poorly chosen diet that provides too much energy or not enough essential nutrients will lead to less than optimal health.
The best diet for an active lifestyle and for good heath has the following characteristics:
– High in carbohydrates
– Adequate in protein
– Moderate in fat content.

3. Time management.

Sometimes we are all so busy doing nothing productive. Most late nights we stay awake working could have been avoided if we had used our time well.
Here are some tips to help us manage our time well in order to reduce stress, avoid late night, increase productivity and give us enough time for our health:
– Prepare your work list for the following day the evening or night before.
– When you plan your day, you wake up with ideas that applies to the work of the day. This makes you sleep better, a major reason for insomnia is people lying awake trying not to forget to remember everything that they have to do the following day. You also feel more relaxed and refreshed.
– Schedule your time. This reduces stress and releases energy
Start early .
The more time you take to sit and think the better organized you will be at that area of your life. You must have noticed this pattern in the biographies of successful people. A few minutes of quiet reflection before any undertaking can save you many hours in executing the plan. Scheduling your day makes you more calm, more clear headed and very creative.

4. Improve your organizational skills.

Implement a good filing and retrieval method both at home, at work and on your computer. You could use a simple alphabetic filing, I hope you know that people spend as much as 30% of their time looking for misplaced items because they were not filed correctly.
Know your internal and external prime time.
Your internal prime time is that time of the day when you are most alert and productive, it could be in the morning or evening, it is important to know this so that you can schedule your important projects at that time. Your external prime time is the time when your customers or clients are most readily available. You should give some thought to structuring your day for both prime times.

5. Air travel productivity.

A lot of people waste their travel time. A research conducted some years ago showed that one hour of UNINTERRUPTED work time in an airplane was more productive than 3 hours in the office. If you plan your work before leaving for the airport you can achieve so much in the air.

Practice these tips and you will not only notice an improvement in your general productivity but also in your quality of life.
Prisca Anyakee.

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    June 4, 2016 at 11:54 am

    This is so amazing.Thank you Joy

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      June 5, 2016 at 8:12 am

      Anytime, Onyinye.

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