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I have been crying and wailing because this dollar rate business just dawned on me. Asides the fact that everything in the market has increased, some transporters have joyfully increased the transport fare.

I woke up this beautiful morning to have my breakfast and to my surprise, something just wasn’t right. Now, I usually don’t like taking tea with bread. Only two things can make me take my tea with bread. First, the bread has to be brown and really nice. My siblings take the bread first and then confirm if I will like it or not. Secondly, I take it as a last resort. My favourite way of taking tea is with my biscuits. When I say biscuits, I don’t mean those soft ones that will melt even before it meets the tea. I like those really brown ones that are a bit strong or hard. I like the way it floats on the tea and and yet doesn’t soften. I get to do the chewing and grinding. Did I also mention that taking tea in a cup for me is a lot of stress? I prefer using a bowl. It gives me enough space to stir and enjoy the sight of my floating biscuits. I can hear you saying “which kain girl be this”. Lol

How the dollar rate is affecting me-Imodelafrica

I went downstairs to get the biscuit and was surprised when I was told my FAVOURITE biscuit was still N10. In my heart, I was praising God it didn’t affect it this week because last week it was sold for N15 and 2 for N25.

My dear people of God, I held this biscuit and it felt sick in my hands. I realized that the quantity had been reduced. From 4 pieces of biscuits to 3. Chai. I felt bad. So I figured people didn’t want to buy the N15 idea and the manufacturers decided to reduce the quantity for that same price. Again, I felt bad. I felt bad for the innocent people like me who did nothing to deserve this. We are loyal customers and patriotic citizens. Appreciation and reward is what we should get at every point in time. Well, at that moment it dawned on me that the dollar song, verse 2, was being produced in my area. I haven’t been to the market lately because the house is still stocked but I hear that every thing has an extra N10 or N1000 on it.

Hmmmm. This is too much because I feel for those who couldn’t afford a thing then, so how are they coping now?

How is the dollar affecting you?

And to think that the rats in this building decided to share in the biscuits I bought at quite an expensive rate. O ma se o. I was pained. Found different ways to express my feelings as I threw the biscuit away. The fear of Lassa fever is the beginning of good health.

How the dollar rate is affecting me-Imodelafrica

Meanwhile, the dollar rate didn’t affect our vision board challenge we just concluded. I am most grateful to everyone who participated. May all your dreams come true and for those who didn’t participate, you dreams will definitely come true.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Love and cheers.

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