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How do you feel when the alarm clock rings? Do you even set one?

The alarm clock is simply a clock that rings. Does that even make sense?
There are times when I just set my alarm clock and I totally forget that I had tasked myself. Sometimes, it doesn’t ring or maybe it does but I don’t hear it because it is too cute. At other times, I simply ignore it ( indiscipline…I know).
Imagine a situation where you are in a very well decorated place filled with dignitaries. Not to forget that the place happens to be close to a beach and the fresh breeze just feels perfect on your lovely skin. In a minute, someone grabs the microphone, clears his throat and greets everyone. He goes ahead to introduce himself as Bill Gates and everyone is amazed. He mentions that the place where you are currently standing is a gift he has prepared to give you. He adds that he will be giving you a 2 million dollar cheque. He brings out the documents of the place and the cheque to give to you and suddenly a sound from your Tecno phone sends you to reality. 
The reality that you need to get up and prepare for your 4th interview in 3 weeks. The reality that you need to stand up and ask your neighbour  for transport fare, if not, you will be stranded and will have to trek. The reality that the closest beach to you is the pool of water in the porthole just across the street.
The reality that….you can actually meet Bill Gates one day and even earn more than 2 million dollar.
I got you there. Well, you have to be grateful for that alarm clock because so many of us do not know how to use our alarm clock. Here is how you should use your alarm clock.


If you have an activity around 5:00pm, do not set the time around 3:00pm. This is because it makes you feel you have more time and you end up doing other things. The consequences of this is that you might eventually forget or you will run late. Don’t get me wrong. Some people are good timers already but if you are starting out with your alarm clock, it is best to go this way. It is better to set your time around 4:40 or 4:45. It helps you place it as a priority at that time and so it makes it a matter of urgency. You automatically have to leave whatever you are doing to prepare for that activity knowing that you have limited time.
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This is actually the best way to go. Setting a cute sound will do you no good because you hardly hear it or somehow you don’t take it serious. A disturbing sound sends you up your feet because in the first place it is disturbing and you need to put it off. I used to be a victim of cute sounds but no more. Please don’t use songs. Some songs just make you sleep more. I sleep more when songs buzz because naturally I play some music till I sleep off. Keep the volume a little bit high so you get to turn at least on your bed. I discovered the essence of the disturbing sounds and since then it has been a wonderful an alarming experience.


Now it depends on what works for you here. There are two kinds of people when it comes to position. Type A keeps the device so close so that when it rings, he will be able to hear it. Make sure that you are the type that will wake up immediately the alarm starts ringing. But if you are type B, who needs to stand up, kindly place your phone far away from you. Keep it  in the room but make sure the position of the device will require you to stand up and put it off.
Now there are people who won’t even wake up even if a lion roars in their room. But it’s ok. You probably have to work on yourself because you never can tell when rapture will happen.
If you use an iPad or iPhone, here are some sound suggestions: Circuit, Constellation, Cosmic, Summit, Alarm, Bark, Crickets, Motorcycle, Piano riff, Old car horn, Duck, Pinball. I use Summit.
If you use a Tecno phone, here are some sound suggestions: Running in the wind, Soaring, Wake up. I use Running in the wind. It’s a little cute but Tecno doesn’t have much options so I opted for that one.
Please if you use other phone brands, you can suggest some sounds and also share your experiences with your alarm clock in the comment section below. 💋

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