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“I Am Africa” Comes To An End.

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iModlAfrica Season !

It is the end of the first season and I cannot stop thanking God for his grace and wisdom he bestowed on us this period. Trust me, it was quite challenging. It was also a period of learning for me also. The first season, ” I Am Africa”, was a beautiful one. The theme was a beautiful one too though the contestants had issues understanding it but I believe the second batch will be better. Join me in thanking Baba God o.

There is so much joy in the air right now as we are waiting till tomorrow to announce the winner. Please note that this season  is strictly by votes. The percentage rates you see in our terms and conditions applies from next season. My team mates and I have been glued to our tabs and laptops following through the battle between the top contenders. I am happy it ended well. Those ladies are really  weight pullers. I HAIL O!!!

To the other contestants who did not bother putting up a fight, I hope you learnt from this and I wish  to even know your reasons. To God the father who made this possible, My honourable team mates who worked tirelessly day and night  especially, Mr. Ajayi Darlington, My lovely family….Dad, Mum and My Sister, I thank you all for your love and support. To everyone who participated actively, you are the best and the true hero for this season. God bless you all.

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