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Do nothing except clap for her and be proud or if you are African, prepare to report her to family members and distant ancestors. 
I was sitting in the parlour watching television when a relative of mine walked in. She sat on a cushion and she muttered to herself in Igbo saying “are these girls not ashamed of themselves?” 
I happened to be watching FTV. It is one of my favorites channels on television. It was the “lingerie modeling” that was on.
I turned to her and asked her what exactly they should be ashamed of. She immediately told me how they will not get married on time because men will not like to have what has been exposed to many.
I laughed. 
That discussion made me realize that a lot of African girls especially who have great bodies might also be drawn back because of this excuse.
I mean, these models were graceful. They were confident. Selling those items on them well. Making people want to buy the lingerie ASAP. At least, I felt that way.
The photographers, the cameras and even the really bright flashes. The professional makeup, the acting, the body movements were just perfect and the discipline. Everyone was focused on getting the job done.
I asked myself ” like my relative, does everyone else think modeling is likened to indecency or prostitution? If so, how did this notion come to be? Was it the models and other crew members who made this notion possible?” 
I think the major problem is the fact that some models might be taken advantage behind scene, thereby promoting indiscipline and indecency.
The questions kept coming up.
I know we are Africans and our culture holds back a lot. But if these girls have chosen to show us how fitting a dress, bag, lingerie, shoe or whatever is… We should give them some credit. Walking alone isn’t as easy as we just see it in fashion shows or TV screens.
That is my own honest opinion.
What is your own opinion on lingerie modeling? Do you have a problem with someone you know becoming a lingerie model? 
I look forward to your views.

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