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I really do not know where to start from? Should I start describing him from his toes up to his hair? Lol

Meeting him was an awesome experience. What strikes me most about him is his passion for God and his job.

ima crush alert
Did I also mention that Richard was a model? He started his modeling career in 2011 and his first runway gig was the Purple fashion show. Yea, right.

This spurred him to also compete in a departmental activity in school as he won the Face of Accounting department.
When you are looking for the right push towards God and your job, Richard is the best person to turn to. The young man is highly supportive and full of inspiration.

Mr Richard is currently a web developer into building websites and applications.

Funny, sarcastic and courageous yet focused. We are honored to have him here on #IMACRUSHALERT


For we girls looking for Mr handsome, Mr godly, Mr caring , Mr hardworking ….lol, trust me, you won’t regret this one.

Sorry I am talking about him on a really personal note but how else can it be when you know someone too well. Lol

I have taken time to dig out some of his photographs including some throwback pictures. I hope I don’t get beaten for this one.
image image



You can also connect with him on IG: @richycasidy

PS: If you want us to crush on anyone here, simply go to Instagram. Mention @imodelafrica @yourcrush @imacrushalert and you might be getting someone here.

Cheers to you all and Cheers to our crush of the week💋

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