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Lessons Learnt From Season 1: I Am Africa

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iMA Lessons Learnt


I talked about the fierce fight put up especially by our top contenders. While I sat back at home and refreshed my the vote page almost every minute, the votes were rising. This minute this person was leading and the next minute it was someone else. I was amazed. Seriously. I just thought to share some lessons I learnt from these young ladies.

First of all, they gave no space for intimidation. Even their gender did not stop them. They set the pace and seriously I look forward to a guy who will put up a tougher fight. Yes, You have just been challenged. To other ladies who feel they cannot do it, well, a pace has been set for you.

Also, I learnt not to give up and if you must do that gracefully. Wow. Very beautiful one, though for me, I will go with not giving up at all. Kudos to Ezenwa Ifunanya who taught me this. You rock girl.

I also learnt the essence of time. Each time I refreshed my vote page, it was like magic. The votes were increasing rapidly. I thanked God it was an online stuff o. if to say na physical something, yawa for don gas. Lol . I believe we are too tush for that though. Honestly, I appreciated time better with these ladies.  Every second meant everything to them.

It is never too late to get what you want or get to where you want to be. Start. That is all that is required from you first. Push and never give up.

The ladies were indeed powerful. It was not over, till it was over. With over 1700 votes, they got themselves to the top. It was number one or nothing. They are champions. They are go getters. They are fierce ladies. They are winners. They are heroines and iMA will not forget them for making this first season worth it. Congratulations to the winner. It was not easy but I mean , someone has to win and we hope that you grow every day. Meanwhile the N30,000 is searching for a bank account to rest in…. *Roaming*. 

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