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Its the year of the conqueror and 30 countries are expected to arrive London to compete for the ultimate title of MISTER AFRICA INTERNATIONAL in the month of October , 2016.
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The event  founded by Ayotunde Twitch, and produced by Jensrickskin UK  was hosted at the African centre London in the years 2012 and 2013, Mama Jumbe in 2014 and moved to the beautiful city of Lagos in Nigeria at the Bespoke Centre , Lekki. The event returns to were it all began , back to London.
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The international event in its 5th season and has produced winners from Sierra Leone (Adonis O’holi , 2012) , Botswana /Gambia (Jaydon Anderson , Williams Falade, 2013) , Angola (Arnaldo Jose , 2014) and Uganda/Ghana (Keith Kahhurra /Ian Wordi, 2015).
Mister Africa International 2016 4-iModelAfrica.
The winner covers TWITCH FITNESS MAGAZINE ,Africa’s biggest fitness magazine, he travels the world to promote the creativity over crime initiative, encouraging youngsters in High schools and Universities to use their talent instead of dabbling into crime related activities. The winners get wardrobe for a year , shoes for a year and eye shades for a year.
Mister Africa International 2016-iModelAfrica
The gift amount to be worth more than $10,000 including residence in West Africa whenever he visits. He also enjoys a year international modelling contract that allows him walk the best runways in the world.
Mister Africa International 2016 6-iModelAfrica.
One of the most amazing thing that comes with being MISTER AFRICA INTERNATIONAL aside him having to touch lives , is the media attention as he graces talk shows all over the world and talks about his life as Africa’s most adorable man.
Mister Africa International 2016 5-iModelAfrica.
More info about the  MISTER AFRICA INTERNATIONAL and how to be a part of it , please email misterafricainternational@gmail.com

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