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Modela or IMARs?

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imodelafricaI am a die hard fan of the number one blogger in Nigeria and trust me you are going to see traces of that here. Hustling has been a part of me since 2011 and I have always dreamt of a workplace I’ll be eager to run to every morning. I have prayed for staff that will be nice and family. My lovely readers and fans cannot be left out. I have also looked forward to giving out amazing gifts here, all fashion inclined and even meeting some.

To this effect, I was with a friend yesterday and we were discussing on how to make this platform an online household, more than just internet. I’ll do anything to serve you better of course. We came up with quite some funny names but just when we headed to the name, we started getting inspirations. IMODELAFRICA.

Do you see any other name asides MODELA? That was what we came up with but then I preferred IMARs (for the household) and IMAR for an individual. IMAR simply means iModelAfrica Readers. Whichever you choose wins and we will get on with the baptism. Lol.

Just so you know, I look forward to the first gift I will give out here. Will it be a lady or a guy? Let’s watch out. Until then, I remain your one and only Ollie. Cheers!

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Hey She-boss! I am Joy (Ollie) and I am glad to have you here. I am a God lover who is dedicated to inspiring young creative women and living a fulfilled life. I hope you find my posts useful and don’t forget to subscribe for more awesomeness! Thank you for reading!!!❤️

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