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ima questions imageI have received a lot of how-to, when-to, why and where questions on modeling. Some call, some contact me through Facebook and trust me when I get talking on modeling, there is just a lot to say. For this reason, I will not be able to type and hurt my fingers or even bore you with long texts(it is not easy). I will leave the typing for updates and other gist. For the modeling tips, I have decided to make it an audio book. Yes and it is going to be free for a while. I will be talking about a lot of things. I will also break it down into different audio books. I will not want to bore you with a long gist either. Each audio book will answer different questions that I have been asked and things you should know and do as a model. So once its ready, you get to download it and equally share with your friends. You also get to listen to it at your own convenience. So if you have any pressing question you might need me to answer, kindly comment after this post and I will get to work to serve my boss…YOU! Enjoy the rest of your day.

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