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So I went visiting over the weekend to a town I had last been to for about 2 years. I realized that the town had changed a little but there was one major craze that still stayed.

I am referring to the love for entertainment-beauty pageants to be precise. Most times I wonder what it is we try to achieve with beauty pageants. There are lots of notable pageants out there and they have done more than just giving the winners money and cars. 
Money and cars? Well, yea. Looks like that’s what our young girls are after. They do not want to know about their personal management, exposure, self development etc.  

Start up a contest with a car and money attached to it and you are good to go. In fact, a lot of girls have been duped, promised heaven on earth for prizes. Lol. 
I remember a friend asking me “Ollie, what do you think I can give and these girls will buy my forms?“. He performed the magic and over 30 girls purchased that form.
You have to bear in mind that the essence of these gifts is a total branding package. 
I have heard other ridiculous prizes and I thought we just discuss this. I will tell you the ones I have heard and in the comment section, I hope to see the ones you have heard.
Let me get down to the most popular prize promises….
1) Cash prize: This is one part our ladies love to hear. Let me ask o, when you get this money what exactly would you use it to do? Some ladies only think of that part where they would show someone pepper with their big girl status when they win. Some think of their wardrobe and expensive make up kit. But is that the ultimate? You hear cash prizes like one million Naira, two million, five million. I have also heard ones like fifty thousand, hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, five hundred thousand Naira. But it does not stop our ladies from getting themselves duped. I have even gotten regret reports where the money promised is not given. Well, get used to it. For a company to give you such plenty money, a whole lot of big gigs should be backing them up and you in turn should be ready to work to add value to that company. So wake up.
2) A brand new car: Sounds familiar? Brand new car indeed. There was this funny story I heard about a stolen car awarded to a beauty pageant winner. It’s not by force to give a car na. Lol. This is one part especially the female contestants fall for. At times, they give a sub standard car and when you drive it for a month, you spend all your cash winnings repairing the car. The essence of the car is to ease your movement to events and jobs you will be offered. Meetings are not left out.
3) One year wardrobe allowance: I wonder if they know the cost of clothing a lady for a year or is it a bend down select style that will be involved? If you do not see any clothing or store partner there. Kindly doubt that part of the promises. Some companies give out these things as rights and not benefits of the winner. Some expect you to use your cash winnings to package yourself.
4) One year hair allowance: I rest my case on this one. The wardrobe allowance techniques apply here.
 5) One year makeup allowance: Some top makeup brands partner with organizers of these pageants to offer the winner or any of the selected runner ups, makeup products. In some cases, the winner becomes the face of the makeup brand for an agreed period of time.
6) A 3 months all expense paid trip to any country of your choice: Really? So if I want to visit the most expensive country in the world, y’all ‘gon’ handle it? That promise is vague and should be specific, in my own opinion though. At least, I am yet to see a company that will send you to any country of your choice for 3 months, spending their money and you not adding value back. Iro nla. At the end, you see a lot of winners not going at all or sponsoring their trip themselves. Sad. I think mentioning the country should be better. 
7) Publicity on all various magazines and TV stations across the nations: Well, I don’t need any soothsayer to tell you that this is one big fat lie. Well, unless they re- structure the grammar. But if it’s this grammar, I will gladly call them ‘LIE-NUS MBA’.
8) Be a brand ambassador for a year for a reputable company. Permit me to laugh a bit on this one. Experience taught me a lesson on this one though. Story for another day. Being an ambassador is a big deal o and unless you are Wizkid, Kate Henshaw or some VIP, if not, don’t mind the organizers.
9) Give you cash to start up any business of your choice . Sounds cool but how many have we seen so far and if it was a business pageant, why use a beauty pageant to select that. Or haven’t they heard “do not mix business with pleasure”. I’m just saying I’m not so much into this lie.
Rich brands like MGBN organized by the Silverbird group, Elite models by Beth and Nigeria next super model by Isis models go ahead and mention specifically who the winner or ambassador will be working with. 
Asides appreciating your beauty,giving you all the prizes in the world and getting you famous should not be the major focus.
 Adding value to you should be your utmost concern. Does Agbani Darego, Oluchi, Osas Ighodaho sound familiar? Now that’s value.

 Don’t get me wrong. There are companies that actually offer all these but the truth is offering all these are quite expensive. It will take a company that has been in existence to give you all these. Asides being in existence, these companies must have proof of lives that have been touched and be consistent. 

From discussions with people in the industry, there are speculations that there is now a 2 way form of claiming your prizes. You probably have to give something to get your prizes. Until I get the full gist, I cannot say much about it here. 

Personally, for me to give you all these mentioned gifts, you will not be coming to form beauty queen. You will be winning to work, to improve yourself and add value to me too. Does that sound true? 
Share your thoughts guys. What do you think? 

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