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Hey lovelies!!!!!! That’s my weekend vibe still with me o. It’s Wednesday already but I am yet to recover from the love I felt. I had so much fun with my group family this weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed the pictures I put up. There are lots of pictures but I didn’t want to bug your timeline. Let me tell you a little about my family.

I joined STECJECY (St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Club for the Youths) in 2009 and since then, it has been an amazing experience. We use our talent to glorify God and serve humanity. (Let me not digress too much)

My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica

It was my first time at the Suntan beach in Badagry. We went there for a video shoot and our usual reunion. Having people from Abuja, Enugu, Katsina and even the USA was great as it had been a while we saw each other. I was really excited about going there but I must say, what I saw was below my expectations.

My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica

On getting there, the beach was filled with different sects of  people Alaye waiting to collect money from us. We paid N500 each for entering. I was expecting some serious reduction as we were about 50. We were also made to pay for tents. I think they were asking for about N2000 per tent. Lagos na wa. On shooting again on the stage, another group came. I don’t know how that was handled. We moved to the sand to shoot and yet again, another group came. Wheeeew! I was getting pissed already. Shuuuu!We go pay for sand again? (You see why I always say we are the cause of our problems). Did you have this kind of experience? Which bitch beach was that?

My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica

Another thing was the beach wasn’t too active. Maybe because it was a Saturday (I think say na saturday beach they full pass). Very few people were there. So, it was like “To yo’ tent, oh Israel!

My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica

You know how you go out and you want to buy things to remind you of a particular place. You equally see a lot of colourful, vintage and amazing stuff. In this case, there was nothing interesting to buy! (Last I went to a beach was when I was a kid. Has things changed?) There was nothing to explore really asides this coconut woman, the accessory seller, the palm wine seller and some suya seller that I didn’t see.

My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica


My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica

But who says we can’t create fun as much as we want. We did the shoot and it was successful but the rain came. In the rain, I had time to eat (of course) and talk with Stiph Bami of Naija Vibe. Amazing young man, I must say.

My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica

We left the beach around past 5 and the real groove started on our way home. Have you ever thought of a party in a moving sound proof bus? Amazing feeling. You should try it. We could not help but dance to those gbedu wey dey burst brain.

My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica

Meanwhile, I must say that Badagry is far for Africa. Chai. But it’s good to know there are places one can chill asides Elegushi. Just make sure you are going with your own pack of fun when going to Suntan beach, Badagry.

My Suntan Beach Experience-iModelAfrica

How did your weekend go? Tell me what fun you had!

Meanwhile, I did a guest post on Prisschar’s blog on living healthy as a lifestyle Blogger. Read up and let me know your thoughts.

As always, Love and cheers.

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