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So you all know I have been off for about a week because of the social media week. It was my first time and I wasn’t going to miss it. As a student, I heard a lot about it. I cared less about it because I wasn’t so techie. I will quickly tell you interesting things about the social media week from my own perspective.


This might sound funny but the air conditioners were a sort of relief to me. I mean, It was a nice site looking at those tall nice buildings and journeying on the smooth roads but the heat from the sun was epic. So whenever I get into Landmark center, it was a soothing feeling that overwhelmed me. At some point, it got cold but I mean, I will prefer it over the sun anytime, anyday.


It was nice to see a lot of old friends. It’s a good thing that a lot of Nigerian youths are thinking. People travelled from all over Nigeria and from various countries to attend the SMW event. I also met some really amazing fellows. The good thing about the Social Media Week is that there is a place for every body ,no matter the sector you belong to. I equally got to hang out with my friends, we discussed business and established business relationships. My perspective about business changed. I almost forgot to mention that I met a primary school mate! Isn’t that amazing?


If you missed the Social Media Week, then you missed a lot. The lectures were really amazing. Words of wisdom and expertise coming from experts. I personally listened to talks ranging from beauty ,fashion,tech, banking, music, travel,photography, business and so much more. It was a perfect time to connect with the amazing facilitators too. There were women who have been able to fuse tech with their various sectors and I must commend them for that. We had guys from Facebook and Google who taught us the future of social media and how their products should be used for business. I also met the world wrapper man. He travels round Nigeria with about 38 yards of wrapper. Wow. Who knew we had someone like that! Toke Makinwa, Noble Igwe, MI, Eldee, The pulse TV, Kraks TV, OloriSuperGirl and a host of others were present to teach and inspire young minds. They were asked questions and they answered. If you didn’t attend this year’s edition, you should watch out for the next. I equally got to see John Obi and Steph Obi. Finally!


Social Media Week-John Obidi and 1-IModelAfrica



One would wonder why this would be one of the things I loved about the Social Media Week. Well, asides the free coffee they offered to everyone. I participated in the cup challenge and I won. I could not stop blushing about it the whole day. I was asked to make something with the stack of cups and I made the heart. My competitor made a clock but relating it to the brand, thats where I beat him. Hahahahahaa. I won a selfie stick and a polo. The ushers were beautiful and amazing. Thanks to Nescafé for adding to my experience at the social media week.

Social Media Week-Nescafé-IModelAfrica


Asides the lectures and all of those serious stuff, I could not help but take notice of some really good styles. Too bad, I didn’t take pictures but I equally can’t help but talk about it. Everyone had a good sense of style. Not to forget the accent! I was even forced to have one. I don’t know if it happens to you but when someone comes up with an accent, I automatically switch. Lol. The accents weren’t super bad as so many people weren’t even Nigerians. I also noticed I will do well as an oyibo lady though. #justsaying.


Leaving landmark centre at night was not too worrisome as I had Afro cab to the rescue. They are officially my favourite. It is a modern day cab that gives you hat comfortable ride in a grand style. No kidding. I had to download the app and my first ride led to using them over and over again. The beautiful thing I like about it is the negotiating power they offer. You should try it and tell me what you think. Download the app and use this code for your first free ride worth N2500: 7L9XISG

I look forward to a better experience next year. Oh. I didn’t talk about the partttty. That was another wonderful experience. I hadn’t danced so hard in months and I saw a lot of business dance steps. Never knew there was one. Lol. I have some videos on Instagram. Omawunmi, Reminence and DJ Jimmy Jatt raised the roof.

PS: Get ready for the online vision board board meet up. If you haven’t heard about it, read here.

See more photos from the event.

Charles Isidi and World Wrapper Man

Charles Isidi and World Wrapper Man


Jennifer of Startpreneur-IModelAfrica

Jennifer of Startpreneur-IModelAfrica


Social Media Week-IModelAfrica


Social Media Week-IModelAfrica

A participants idea. Brilliant.

Love and cheers.

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