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If you are in business, then this is a must read. It is important that we update ourselves with current trends in the business world so we are not left behind.

It is no news that people buy from people, not logos. You must have heard that you must build your know, like and trust factor. One of the easiest ways to do this to humanise your business.

But one question remains? How do we humanise our businesses?

Have you ever wondered why coca-cola sells?

Now, the trick is not to come to our faces being salesy. The trick is to get us EMOTIONAL about your product. That’s exactly what coca-cola does to you and me.

Have you ever watched their advert and you have chills? Oh, yea! Me too.

It happens because they don’t just sell a product. They make you relate to it. They put a human feel to it. They never ask you to buy instead they ask you to experience happiness. They ask you to share a feeling.

Do you also remember how they put names on their bottles and even I couldn’t help but look for a coca-cola bottle with my name on it? They made us feel like those bottles were human and worth a lot.

Indeed, it was worth a lot!

We must learn from this giant.

I see those in the fashion industry especially beads and shoes naming their products after people. That is a wonderful strategy.

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you named your product after Beyonce and have her endorse it? Feel free to imagine that life!

So, as a small business owner, how does your customer feel after an encounter with your product (physically, TV or social media) ?

One tip that has helped me is to give my brand a name. This name is different from your business name and it is known to you alone or the team. The essence of this name is to be able to help you relate with customers having “this person” at the back of your mind.

The second step is to list out her characteristics. What are her values? What does she represent? How does she behave? In my own case, she is crazy, social, a problem solver and genuinely cares about her audience. This is who I am naturally but if you are an introvert, feel free to write out interesting characteristics of your avatar.

Then, figure out ways she can interact with her audience. If she has to be on social media, then she must have a unique conversation style.

It’s that easy but not so easy.

The mistake we make is that we sometimes blend our personalities with our businesses and that doesn’t work most times.

Imagine an introvert running a business. Sometimes, it tells on the business.

There are introverts whose pages scream FUN and CRAZY but they are not like that when you meet them. It’s important to find out ways to give your business a human touch. Your business will grow faster. You have to know that there are so many businesses out there fighting for the attention of your target audience and you have to do your best to remain at the top of your game.

Feel free to share this post if it is of value to you. Drop a comment and let’s hear your thoughts. Before you go, what name will you be giving you business?

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