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Good morning awesome family? Guess you are strong enough to start today. Keep it positive no matter what.

I made this post for the passionate ones in business. I watched a video and listened to a teleseminar from a young man I admire (click here to join his community on facebook). It is so nice to know that some people actually went through what you are currently going through. In your mind, you know that you can make it if they could.

Passionate but broke - iModelAfrica

I once (a couple though) did business and never made a dime. I told myself that one day, the cheddas will flow. I kept pushing and as I told you in this post, I got tired at some point.

I kept away from gatherings and outings because I wasnt making money. My friends will call and say they needed me to take them out because they felt I was making loads of cash. Ever had this experience? Being passionate is super cool buy being broke is a huge NO!

Passionate but broke - iModelAfrica

I once read that if money is the only thing your business achieves, then you have achieved nothing. True words! But…

The passion is very important but the money fuels the desire to do more. Honelzly. Now, if you have a dream that is yet to bring in cash and you find yourself always borrowing money here and there, you should find a side hustle to make the job easier. The side hustle should be able to fund your dreams.

Passionate but broke - iModelAfrica

The hustle could be working for someone or learning a skill that is largely needed in your network or community. It could be web designing, blog coaching, app building, social media management, etc. Good thing is that you can study these skills online.

However, don’t get lost in the hustle. You should know when you have gotten enough cash to fund the dream and go ahead. Do not loose hope and never stop learning. I was once there and I conquered. You all know that I launched my clothe line as I mentioned in this post. It brings in funds to do other things I am passionate about. You can too do same.

Do you have a business you are passionate about and you don’t know how to monetize it yet? Or are you passionate about your business and need a side hustle to fund your dream?

Let’s talk in the comment section. I may be able to help.

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