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After iMAN 2.0, I was gifted the Hairffiliation Whipped Shea Mix and Scrub. I was really happy about that and also skeptical about using it because, honestly, I have used a lot of body products for my sensitive dry skin….and I was disappointed. I have also tried various natural products on my skin. The last encounter I had with a natural product I purchased for N8000 wasn’t funny. The products kept drying my skin and was really harsh on my face and the discolouration on my face worsened. So you understand my fears now.

Product Review-Hairfilliation-iModelAfrica
I also didn’t do a review immediately because I needed to have a personal experience with the products and be sure of what I was going to tell you. Two weeks was alright to have something to say but the magic started happening even before 2 weeks.
I was encouraged by my sister to use the products because she also purchased the Whipped Body Butter and the African Black Soap. The smell of the Whipped Body Butter is lovely and sweet. The first day I applied it, my brothers and my mum started asking why the house was smelling of chewing gum.
Product Review-Hairfilliation-iModelAfrica
Asides the smell, it feels very soft and it contains shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, lavender oil, vitamin E and love! This is no joke. You need to see my skin now especially my face. I wish it could take away the black spots on my face and I hope it does. (big eye things)
Product Review-Hairfilliation-iModelAfrica
Product Review-Hairfilliation-iModelAfrica
I must applaud the packaging and branding of the products. The Hairffiliation products came in white containers and was properly wrapped with the stick on. My N8000 products came in random containers and had paper tape on them to indicate what it was. O ma se o.
I also use the scrub on my face and I remember trying to taste my face and it was sweet. I noticed that the scrub has oil which I applaud. It doesn’t feel so thick like the others I have used. So whenever I want to use the scrub, I use my finger to mix the content together because of the oil.
Product Review-Hairfilliation-iModelAfrica
Product Review-Hairfilliation-iModelAfrica
The whipped Shea mix is mostly for the hair. I haven’t used it much because…laziness. But the once I used it, my hair was all oily and soft! I noticed the little peppermint smell it had. It also contains variety of oils.
Product Review-Hairfilliation-iModelAfrica
I now bath with the African Black soap and I find it soothing on my skin. It’s also quite economical because just a little on your sponge and you have lather everywhere. Just make sure you wet your body and sponge first. That’s how I bath with it though. Some people say they apply the soap generously on their body before using their wet sponge to scrub. Both ways are fine as long as you get the desired results.
Product Review-Hairfilliation-iModelAfrica
Who has seen my face lately? No discoloration! And the best part is these products are verrrrrry affordable. I know Hairffiliation has other products but I haven’t tried them. The prices range between N700-N1500. (Mourning my N8000)
I always get confused when I want to use the body or hair cream because the packaging looks alike. So, I either have to smell it or read it. I think Hairffiliation can help its customers add a more visible twist to the design before we apply hair cream on our body.
For the natural hair ladies in the house, you can also join the Hairffiliation natural hair movement by purchasing their tees. The Hairffiliation Tees cost about N3000.
So, that’s it guys. Cheers to a beautiful hair and skin with Hairffiliation and of course a breathing bank account.
Check Hairffiliation on instagram: @hairffiliation

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  1. Jennifer

    August 30, 2016 at 10:16 am

    Thank you!
    I am currently rebranding so there’d be na obvious difference between the containers.
    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate.

  2. Ollie

    August 30, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Well done dear. You have a lovely brand.

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