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It was supposed to be for yesterday but I still see need for us to meditate on it. This will also be a part of us. Please do not see it as being religious but see it as loving God even while we work and stay beautiful. He made all things beautiful, right? 😘 Today’s reflection will be here soon.

The configuration of man and woman is different but when blended well in every relationship, the result is beautiful.

I have always held that a relationship is like dinner table set with Rich food made of different spices where people come with varying degrees of appetite.

For Instance.

The man. Remember the famous Abakaliki rice? Yes, the man is likened to such. No matter how well you pick, sieve and blow, you must still find some stones. This is the uniqueness of that Brand. Ask those who enjoy Ofada rice.

If you love “Agidi Jollof”, (pap cake made from corn, but with added spices to make it tasty), then you would understand the nature of the woman for no Agidi Jollof is complete with the usual biscuit bone.

From the above illustration No matter how well you think you have groomed your man, you would still find some unsavoury acts. Again no matter how beautiful and tender, sweet and luscious your woman appears, there is the rock within, deal with it.

For it is cooperation that makes the pot of rice rise plentifully during cooking. Understand, trust, cooperation, effective communication is key to lasting relationship.

Morning prayer
Lord, I come to you today with a heart full of love. Thank you for your goodness in my life. I put my hope in you. I will push forward today even as I face obstacles. Help me to walk by faith. I believe that you have authority over all things. Help me not to take my eyes off you. I want to hold on to you no matter what. My precious Lord, fill my heart with your power and boldness. Give me your joy and peace. I need your wisdom and self-control so that I can stand firm always. Amen
Good morning
Have a fruitful working week ahead

Written by: Chimezie Judemary Udechukwu

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