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On the 31st of January, I held a webinar (Creating a powerful profitable blog) that took me about two weeks to prepare for. My microphone went dumb on me and I didn’t know what to think. It didn’t work on two laptops I had. I was frustrated. As if that was not enough, my network service provider started acting up. To me, that was a slight issue that could be handled.
Fast forward to the day of the webinar, my laptop speaker also went dead on me. I had prepared really beautiful slides to teach. My excitement that was top notch had just been killed by everything happening.
But a minute! I had not exhausted all my options. I needed to make better efforts. I sent messages to some techie seniors of Facebook. I called some techie guys I met at an event. I called my friend in Benin. I called 3 friends in Awka, Anambra state. Yet, nothing!
For my network service provider, a friend promised to give me his wifi device and failed me. He is human and sometimes we fail, right? I took that in good fate.
With hope, I carried my microphone and headed to a neighbour’s house. My neighbour has a “better” network service provider. I wasn’t going to give up. On getting there, the network felt it could play a fast one on me. I laughed. I was even surprised I did that. I kept on murmuring some words I can’t remember now. I remember saying “Thank you, Jesus. Thy will be done”
The laptop wouldn’t work. I got on live with my mobile phone. The first attempt was crazy. The network had no mercy. I went off again. The time was 8:17 pm already for a webinar of 8 pm.
I went live the second time and shined my teeth to the camera and told my audience about the situation of things. A lot of people came live and left because of the network (I don’t blame them). Others stayed but I could tell they were trying to be nice. I was excited teaching nonetheless. I got people asking me questions live and via messenger. I was surprised. So, I decided then, that there was going to be a replay.
All that happened taught me lots of lessons. I needed another network service provider. But all the ones that work in my area haven’t had devices since last year. I left Lekki to Ikeja for this o and got no result. I even had to get a friend to leave his business and join me in this search. That day wasn’t funny.
So, my friend from Benin came to Lagos and the first place he landed was my house. First thing in the morning, he got on his laptop first with the microphone to confirm that the microphone was working. Then he got on mine and there the problem was just staring at me in 5D. The drivers weren’t updated! He did it and got my microphone working. My joy knew no bounds. I mean who buys something and won’t use it?
As if that was not enough, my sister called a friend who has a wifi and requested it is sold to her. His response was “How can I sell to you? I will be in Lekki on Saturday. Can you come and take it?” Ha! Magic of life. I couldn’t wait for Saturday. Indeed on Saturday, she returned with it.
Then I confirmed that little efforts don’t go unnoticed. I indeed exhausted all my options to the point that I started laughing. As in, what else do you want from me?
Some of us get tired easily, give up or drown in anger and sorrow when things don’t go well.
Before you squeeze your face, have you considered all your options? As in, exhausted everything? And even if you have, do you have the right attitude towards these uncomfortable happenings? Do you keep complaining or get to work?
I just thought to tell this story to someone out there who feels they are trying and failing. The universe knows. It’s only a moment that will pass and how you want to be rewarded is in your hands. You either give up and complain or exhaust your options and be positive.
Just for curiosity, what’s the number one blogging challenge that you are currently facing?

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