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This was my first Rotaract experience and I must say it was worth it. The rotractors were very welcoming even from the minute I stepped into the venue. Each one passing me and greeting with the word “fellowship”.

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For me, the major highlight of the program was the lectures and even the beautiful people I met. The lectures were filled with so much value and it was great as they served as reminders. Everything that was said was majorly on entrepreneurship and how to soar as an entrepreneur. The theme of the program was ” Youth involvement in National sustainability. A focus on entrepreneurship”.

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Mr. Pradeep Pahalwani was the intelligent keynote speaker who caught my attention. He is an Indian but speaks English, Hindi, Guajarati, and pidgin English fluently. He equally speaks little of French, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. Oga Piro as he is fondly called is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with over 26 years experience in Nigeria.

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Another beautiful person I met was Vweta Chadwick. I and Vweta had a brief conversation on WhatsApp before I met her. Vweta has no hair on her head and it tells of how bold she is. Did I tell you how elegant she looked in it and people started referring to her as the ” African queen”? She is very articulate and passionate about women. Vweta is a social worker and entrepreneur who has dedicated the last 13 years towards finding solutions to some of the pertinent problems confronting women and girls in Africa. She does this through  ProjectASHA. She is a member of about 6 fellowships which includes being a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow. She currently serves as an influencer for Mogul Inc and a global ambassador for World Pulse. Vweta said something interesting and I like her perspective. She said

 Rotaract Conference - iModelAfrica

'People, Planet, Profit. These should be the order in which we place our mindset when we venture… Click To Tweet

 Talk about women achieving mercilessly!!!

Petter is a young man who is passionate about music. He is highly talented and is currently in Nigeria volunteering. He is from Sweden and also works with Project ASHA. During my conversation with him, he mentioned performing live music in some corners in Lagos. Petter does a different kind of music and he looks forward to impacting lives in Nigeria through his music. So, don’t be surprised when you see a tall white guy performing in your area. Holla at him in our Naija style.

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We all had a wonderful time discussing challenges and ideas in Nigeria. I enjoyed every bit of it and this would not have been possible if not for Rotaract. I am really grateful for this experience and will not trade it for anything in the world!

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And hey, we got an award! The Rotractors appreciate you and me.

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Rotaract Conference - iModelAfrica (3)

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell and the beautiful people who made it worthwhile. It is midweek already and I hope you are making the best of it?

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