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Truly, my name is Joy and that’s all I deserve…to be happy every second of my life.

In the month of June, I decided to start living intentionally. I decided to think my decisions through before carrying them out. At every point, I listened to the tiny voice that directed me. I have joy in my heart because the results are positive.

We have the month of November and December to go before 2016 ends and you can end it in a grand style. It’s totally up to you to make that decision. It’s up to you to start living intentionally. It’s up to you to stop getting scared and stop doubting your potential. It’s up to you to make it your season of joy.

I have been counting my blessings and it’s not bad at all to have you count yours too. I released my Instagram Content Planner, I also won a seat at the Master the Business of Your Talent Master class. A seat costs N65,000 and it’s indeed a big deal for me because of the caliber of people I will meet. Steve Harris and Fela Durotoye will be teaching us that day. Good news, right?

2017 looks beautiful already because plans are on to make the world a better place.

That’s not all because I have a lot planned out. It is what my heart desires and so it shall be done unto me.

What does your heart desire? What is that one thing you really want to achieve before the year runs out? Have you written it down? Have you prayed about it? What actions do you need to take to achieve that goal?

You see, I am no longer of that school of thought that one needs money to start something. I was talking to an aspiring makeup artist and she was telling me why she hadn’t launched her business. She has been busy submitting CVs in offices to work as a secretary or errand girl because she needs it to raise money.

That isn’t a bad idea at all but she has succeeded in limiting herself. There are other ways she would have done things differently and still achieve better results. How about going to intern in a reputable makeup company? How about attaching with a fellow makeup colleague who is willing to help you, take you on a job and pay you? How about starting with what you have?

Steve Harris says “It is not what we don’t have that limits us. It is what we have but don’t know how to use it”. John Obidi says “Use what you have for what you have is plenty”

I’m saying this because I have been there once when I felt I needed the world to start. But experience has taught me that you can move mountains without a kobo at hand. It’s a typical story of Mr Tunji Olugbodi from Tedx Ikeja. He didn’t have so much money to start a company but he had reputation and had professional experiences. That was his own money and today, he owns a company with 7 branches in various African countries.

Stand up from your slumber, my brother and sister. Take charge of your life today. Stay motivated. Believe in yourself. Even if you can scream, look for a way to use it to make the world a better place.

If you have various skill sets and you don’t know which one to invest in. Take your time. There are series of questions you need to ask yourself.

You need to be sure that you enjoy doing what you do. You need to also know that you stand whatever comes from it. Is the idea a sell-able idea? Does it solve problems? What problems does it solve? (This is actually the gold mine) Can I get paid from it?

It’s a season of joy and I just wanted you to tap from it and rise above every challenge. The world awaits your awesomeness. You were sent to the world for a purpose. Do not delay any further!

This season is all about sharing joy.

As always, love and cheers.

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Hey She-boss! I am Joy (Ollie) and I am glad to have you here. I am a God lover who is dedicated to inspiring young creative women and living a fulfilled life. I hope you find my posts useful and don’t forget to subscribe for more awesomeness! Thank you for reading!!!❤️

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