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Wondering why that came first? Lol. It is just the excitement in the air.

Seasons greetings to everyone in the house. It has been a year of adventure and so much hard work, so permit to be happy about the holidays ( though I wonder if it applies much).

I really want to use this medium to thank everyone who has been very supportive throughout the year. Building up iModelAfrica was not easy. From doubts to people thinking the idea was not worth it.( I will take time out to write a story on how this all started. Be ready to read a long note.)  But here we are, making dreams come true. My wish for every reader and visitor here is that God keeps us to see and grow in the new year. I am already familiar with some readers already and I love it.

Meanwhile, 2015 is about ending and it is safe to say you have laid out your 2016 goals. If you haven’t, I wonder what you are waiting for. For every model, make sure you have signed up to see what you need to fix using your Instagram account as a portfolio tool. If you are on Instagram just to show off well toned bodies, fun spots and nice plates of vegetables, then you are not ready for business. Your account should be able to point you out as a professional and equally land you jobs. The tips I will share will only get to you if you subscribe. So make sure you do. I called this knowledge my Christmas gift to you because it is power. I will be sending the gifts on the 25th. Make sure you watch out for Santamail.

For the MOBIE , please do not send a mail without your photographs. Replying you might not be possible and we also do not want to seem like we ignore you. Let us help make the job easier in 2016. 🙂

We have two Mobies today. I didn’t post last week because I had an engagement and I am really sorry about that. So watch out for two of them today. Voting starts on Wednesday, the 23rd of December 2015 and ends on Tuesday, the 29th of December 2015. Merry Christmas, Merry voting. Kindly vote for your favourite Mobie.

Also, there is this good news I have to share but I will rather wait a while and keep us all in suspense. Sorry, I had to mention a tiny part of it. Lol. That is what happens when you are too excited. You want to say something but you don’t want to say it. Models, modeling agencies, makeup artistes, designers, costumiers, directors and all players in the modeling industry should get ready for something big coming your way from IModelAfrica come 2016.

IModelAfrica is concerned about your success and we will keep doing all we can to keep you informed. Remember, it is not all about being a pro in photography or having a skinny body or having the highest cheek bone. If you are not informed, you are deformed. Having said that, get ready!

It’s a jolly jolly season. Please enjoy it responsibly and be very security conscious. Do not dwell in the country’s bad economy or the hardship that it brings. Instead find a reason to be happy and thank God for everything you have.

You have plans for the new year too? Give us a sneak peek into your beautiful dreams.

To your success,


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