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Becoming a Human Barbie Doll Like Valeria Lukyanova


Did you know Valeria Lukyanova, the twenty-nine-year-old Ukrainian who has been given the title ‘the human Barbie Doll?’ See amazing photos of this lady who is said to be a chronic vegetarian, a mountain climber, an opera singer, and a ‘starver’ who has practiced what is known as breatharianism .



In February 2014, she stated publicly that she would go without food and water for a specified number of days….hmmm that is super dry fasting. I can only wonder how healthy such starvation is.




So, breatharianism was supposed to keep her living exclusively on light and air. Hmm… Light and air? And they say she is human? Isn’t she just a whole bunch of vegetables able to synthesize manageable energy through photosynthesis? I really wonder how possible it is that she makes it through this extreme lifestyle of hers

This lady, who had In 2007  won the Miss Diamond Crown of the world, denies ever having a major surgery to achieve her beautiful look—more like her architectural wonder. I forgot to mention she is an architect by profession who is married to a Ukrainian business man Dmitry Shkrabov, her childhood friend

She has also written a book about her called ‘Astral Travel Amatue’. Amatue is her spiritual name which, I am thinking gives her the leverage to maintain her statue as the daughter of the air and also, avails her the opportunity to easily photosynthesize through breatharianism.

Finally she was attacked last year, beaten badly and that made her whip out some new muscular abs to her Barbie like features this year… She perhaps might look so adorable and some ladies might want to idolize her and make her their role model. But please, never you in your life try to undergo breatharianism and starvation for you to get that Barbie doll look which she vehemently claims is natural except for the boob implant she did. This picture is Valeria before her surgery


Well, there is nothing left to say. I can only pray that our ladies be happy with the way they look rather than closing up to hades as the days roll by while they take up the starvation-makes-me-look-better kind of attitude.

So here is to all our ladies that are looking for the thin, graceful body, may you realize that road you are treading is a high way to destruction and may you never dream of living exclusively on light and air like some Ukrainian human Barbie doll…lol


Courtesy of every9jirian.blogspot.com

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