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This post can be called a style or a lifestyle post but the important thing remains that there’s a style in it. I was having a conversation with a friend over Whatsapp call ( who else is thankful to Whatsapp for saving our airtime) and he asked me a question. He said “Joy girl, how do you take care of yourself ?” In my normal tone, I answered, ” Eat, Sleep, See a movie” I was feeling myself until he went straight up to tell me that I needed to do more.

Just like me, so many of us don’t see the need to spend money taking care of ourselves because we have goals. We don’t see the need to buy clothes, shoes, make our hair and all those stuff because we need to build a brand. While that is cool, it has it’s adverse effects.

To become a billionaire, you have to start living the lifestyle now. Ask yourself, what do billionaires do? They wake up early, pray, read, exercise, eat good food, travel, attend networking events, and all these things help them to have a sound mind. You have to attract that which you want to become. If you keep waiting for the perfect moment, it might never happen.


I know you have a tiny budget and wondering how you are supposed to do all these. Plan that trip, the spa or that movie on your budget. It doesn’t have to break your bank account. Something as simple as a DIY spa will do. Spoil yourself in that bath tub. My friend made me understand that the lifestyle isn’t expensive. It’s just us thinking all the good stuff are meant for billionaires alone. Be very intentional about living.

You will only be treated the way you treat yourself. I’m currently reading a book by T.D Jakes and it’s titled “The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord” It is a must read for every woman who wants to appreciate the essence of her existence. Jakes pointed out that we receive cheap gifts because that’s what our friends know us for and that’s how we have been valued in their hearts. On the other hand, we receive expensive gifts because we have set a standard for ourselves and anyone who wants to buy you a gift cannot go below the set standard. Powerful!

I read this and I was like “What???? So damn true”. There and then, I resolved not to put my brand before myself. I knew I needed to be healthy and valued to own a thriving brand and of course, people begin to see the glory of God in you. No one adores rags. No one!

I knew it was a sign to take care of myself when I went on Instagram and Lotanna had a similar post up. That’s it! The billionaire mindset has to pop up and though I’m consciously grooming it, I have been wearing this confidence coat that I have never worn before.

It’s happening people. The mindset bringeth the money (Joy 1:1) This is one thought that made me visit my bucket list. Things need to start happening positively. Did I tell you I have finally trashed the pizza? Awesome! I might not be doing it always because of health reasons but I’m glad it’s off my list. I think it’s even a perfect day to day gift for someone.

So, the summary of this gist is for you to learn to love yourself. Say to yourself ” I deserve all the love there is. I am loved and I love. I am the image of God therefore, I have to look good always for his glory to be revealed” Don’t just say it but begin to act it and in no time, you will see yourself living a healthy lifestyle.

Self love is a powerful tool for building your brand. It’s helping me now. No jokes! Act your lifestyle and see you living it in no time.

I am currently learning to know God more, eat healthy and spoil myself with gifts. So, help me God.

What’s one billionaire habit you currently have or learning? What’s your favourite billionaire habit? I will love to hear from you in the comment section.

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