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iMA: Please, introduce your gorgeous self?

I am Miss Amanosi Kadiri. Microbiologist, creative thinker, creator of Blossoms creates, your event management partner and most importantly God’s favorite daughter.
iMA: How did you come about your business name?
I wanted something that described my personality and what I represent and 5 years ago, blossoms seemed to be the perfect name. A flower is at its best when it blossoms, and people often tell me how special I am. I could bring dead things to life (laughs) so yes, blossoms because that’s who I am. The name blossoms creates however, I will say is Made in heaven. I sat in my office chair one afternoon tired of scribbling out all the names I had come up with, none included blossoms. Then from no where it impressed upon my heart. Blossoms creates! It was love at first sight, and everyone loved it!
iMA: What’s your best events job?
Birthday or milestone parties!! I have been planning birthdays since I can remember. I can go all out to make it happen. It awes me to know that yet another year has gone and God is still in the business of preserving us, just as we are! I love achievements generally!
Then pageants, the anxiety, the crowning moments, the making of an icon, it’s so satisfying to make such magical moments happen because you planned it!
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iMA: Have you ever fallen ill from preparing an event? Give us details on how you dealt with it?
Yes! I remember in NYSC camp. We had platoon takeovers. Your platoon had to handle the entire camp affairs( from hall decor to parade ground decor to security and sanitation) . I imposed Project management on my self. I even got involved with sports. I was on the sport director like it was my fathers business. (Laughs) I fell sick from all the running around! I ran around with a nose mask, handkerchief and felt it was all worth it as I ran for joy when we placed top 3 overall. I do not let obstacles get in my way. I am too set on goals.
iMA: Which country will you love to visit soon?
Barbados!!! Its the Caribbean baby….the beach, Caribbean food, surfing, sightseeing. Or India, just shop and pack all their beautiful adorned decors back home. I bet my events will glow more with such pieces.
iMA: How did you gain clarity in business?
I have ventured or considered venturing into various businesses. I wanted something that I would love any day anytime, and then a friend iterated all my characteristics and I realized I have always had it in me. I slept on it and confirmed I could spend the rest of my life making peoples event blossom! I am passionate about organizing and executing projects, so why not?
Amanosi Kadiri of Blossoms Creates-iModelAfrica
iMA: How has technology helped you in your business?
Alot! What could I do without technology? Technology has made things easy for me and I know the same applies to business people. I have been planning an event over my internet. Making orders, accessing,corresponding back and forth.
I can reach my beloved audience anytime any day! They can always reach me. There’s no obstacles in our way. Technology has helped and initiated ideas, I mean google is my friend! A billion ideas on there, seeing one and boom I have a dozen from there, there’s so much stress taken away and I have my bae technology to thank for that.
iMA: What’s your advice for ladies who want to venture into events planning?
In as much as it sounds fancy to be an event planner, you have to work on your personality. Most importantly learn to pay attention to details, you will need it as an event planner. People have seen me and ask, are you a planner? I noticed you noticed little details. A client can ask about a detail and it sounds more professional to say “done! It is going to be bla bla bla”. Also learn to be polite, everyone is a potential asset for your business, even that seemingly impossible client. Try and read books on innovation and creative thinking. Network! This can never be overemphasized. Be eager to learn more. Learn that sometimes it gets uneventful, don’t lose focus, be eventful! Be the action! Stay in business! Action is more important than just knowing. Even as you know these things, be sure to do them.
Amanosi Kadiri of Blossoms Creates-iModelAfrica
iMA: Very insightful. If you were given 10 million Naira, please break down in details how you will spend it?
If I were given 10 million Naira, it means I have 9 million. I will invest 6.5 into real estate acquisition. Ikorodu, Ifo, outskirt of Ogun state, there are options. Get a 2m car for Uber runs just so I get steady credit alerts. Have the rest for miscellaneous spending. A bowl of ice cream, a pack of bounty chocolate, a pot full of fried sea food rice. I think I can spend the miscellaneous money on food. (Laughs) Chei, 10m has finished just like that! (Laughs)
iMA: Where do you see the events industry in 5 years?
The wedding sector is the most common in event management in Nigeria at the moment. In 5 years I see tougher competition in the fashion, modelling and social event management sector. Innovation and creativity springing up on every side. Because, of course, more individuals will want to venture into the modelling sector and many of them will need planners. For now, they can deal with the best in town, our lines are open, we have no office hours.
Did you find Amanosi’s interview interesting? You can tell that she is full of life. What is your take away from all she said?
To connect with Amanosi of Blossom’s Creates, here are her details.
FACEBOOK: www.facebook/blossomscreates
TWITTER: itz_blossoms
INSTAGRAM:  blossomscreates
BUSINESS LINE: 08020678641

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