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iMA- Juliet

iMA- Juliet

The modeling world is highly competitive because everyone wants to be a model. Everyone wants to be in that musical video, on that billboard, usher in that tush event etc. Most of our amateur models even get frustrated just before they start because of the difficulty in getting jobs. But this is the era of social media and high technology where getting a job shouldn’t be much of a problem. Even model agents don’t live up to expectations anymore. They just collect the “registration fee” and off they go. Well, you should go ahead and create your own job! Yes! Now,how do we do this? The first thing you should do as a model is have a portfolio. Having one is usually expensive but with a photographer who is just climbing the ladder but very good,N 10,000 should get you a good portfolio. Even some photographers who are well known are passionate about helping models grow. Take photographs in different costumes and different postures.If you don’t know how to pose, get a creative director. You should also upload the soft copy of these pictures online with your name and contact(business contact)  on it. Get people to see and like the pictures. You can even create a blog solely for that  purpose. It will cost you absolutely nothing to create and run a blog. Just your time. Connect with people who matter in the industry,managers,other models,etc. Get friendly with them. All the jobs don’t go to just people in agencies,free lancers do too! How??? Keep your ears to the ground. Pay attention to some broadcast messages. If you happen to know the location of any cool video shoot..go there. There is no harm in watching the making of a video, knowing people, having a few talks, and having fun too. Every waka waka no be ashewo work. Don’t forget to look good too! Very important. There are other things you can do but we’ll take them one step at a time.

With these few points of mine,I hope I have been able to help you start your career and also help you get jobs!


Photo Credit: Ayo Alasi

Model: Juliet

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  1. aDee

    March 25, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    So true! How’d I miss out on these basic info ab initio? Thanks Ollie…

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