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Making: bean cake popularly known as Akara in Nigeria. Homemade bean cakes are just tasty because they are freshly made and I get to eat as much as I want.

Drinking: my green tea.  Yea. I finally got it and though it doesn’t taste superb but we gotta stay healthy. So, I am drinking on.

Reading: a book from kobostarters. Very inspiring. I also got introduced to an app where I get to read books in 15 minutes. I am yet to try it though.

Wanting: to explore more on my job and lifestyle. I feel this dire need to travel, to learn new things and connect. I have taken it upon myself to learn new things every day especially in the Tech world and it has been amazing.

Playing: Cheerleader by Omi. Amazing lyrics, voice and accent!

Wasting: no time in saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. I love you all and I am glad we all made it. Thank you for making 2015 an amazing year.

Wishing: YOU a prosperous new year and may all that your heart desire come true.

Enjoying: the hope that THE MODEL HUB brings. I am so excited about it. The response has been so amazing. You should join us on Tuesdays. If you have not heard of the newest kid, click here now!

Liking: the new year already. There is just something really positive about the year. I know it. I feel it. Anyone have the same feeling?

Wondering: how it feels to get married. I have mixed feelings about it but I mean, being with the one person who makes you blush, supports you, rubs your feet, buys you flowers, loves God and prays for you, has a vision, tells you how beautiful you are and spoils you every second is what matters, right?

Loving: the Joy that comes with being with family. The naughtiness, craziness, arguments, movie times are just priceless. I can’t help but smile whenever I remember them. I always want to have them but sometimes life happens.

Hoping: to explore this year. I look forward to lots of traveling and learning. Who is in with me?

Remembering: the movie- Beast of no Nation. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Smelling: the fresh air that comes from the beach.

Wearing: my popular family t-shirt. STECJECY. We had a reunion party and it was amazing. I got to see lots of people I had not seen in years. It was also good to know that they were in good shape.

Noticing: a two strands of hair on my jaw. Really funny. It made me paint a picture of me on beards. Don’t paint it with me, please.

Knowing: that it’s a great year and we have to take advantage of opportunities or we create one. Just don’t give any excuse. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! Always remember that.

Thinking: of better ways to develop myself both on my job, my relationship with people and my spiritual life.

Creating: more time for family and positive networks. I mean, that’s the best gift I can give myself.

Bookmarking: San Andreas. That movie is just lovely. Ray acted by Dwayne Johnson is indeed the man of my dreams. You should see the movie.

Opening: my mouth in Thanksgiving. This year started on a good note and the one day that would have turned bad turned GREAT.

Giggling: at all that I have written to achieve.

Feeling: grateful and happy.

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Cheers ♥

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