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Making: preparations to embrace a bigger life and a bigger responsibility.

Drinking: lots of water. I find myself immersed in work that I forget to drink water! Bad habit that must stop.

Reading: a book on story branding.

Wanting: a work place that’s like family.

Playing: whatever keeps me motivated.

Wasting: no time in telling you that we now air three times a week and it has been so much fun. Make sure you tune in every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm to 9pm.

Wishing: everyone a wonderful February. It’s the second month already and I hope those goals are being achieved without mercy and with grace.

Enjoying: the way things are going now. I keep saying that when you experience failure, you should count yourself lucky because you will learn a great deal. For those who want to learn though.

Liking: the way I pinch myself these days. I find it difficult to go out and I am working out ways to stop that before I go old for my papa house. Lol.

Wondering: if I am the only one that appreciates the gift of a home office since we don’t spend much but I hate how much laziness it brings. Oh, my sweet cozy bed!

Loving:  Jesus everyday. I mean, what did I do to merit all these?

Hoping: that Nigerian government tries to consider the masses with these their plenty plenty policies that’s taking effect on my bank account. Not to mention the high dollar rate!

Remembering: all entrepreneurs. Social media week is coming and this will be of great value to you. Click here if you want to be a part of it.

Smelling: the crackers biscuits I just finished.

Wearing: my bum short with my legs in the air.

Noticing: how much I have not been blogging. There is way too much going on right now. But I promise to be back soon with new interesting stuff.

Knowing: that it only takes time for a watered plant to grow. But grow it must! Let the wise know this.

Thinking: of how to go about my photoshoot. Being dealing with procrastination lately and that has got to stop. *looking myself in the eye*

Creating: a post where I can teach you how to make something nice for yourself.

Bookmarking: this awesome page.

Opening: new files in my office for new team mates.

Giggling: at every paper I look at.

Feeling: grateful as always.

Taking Stock-iModelAfrica

Love and Cheers

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