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Making: various plans to turn my passion into a business. Not being able to pay the bills can be embarrassing.

Drinking: water as always.

Reading: some photographed pages of the book- How Intelligence Kills by Chukwudi Ofili. I can’t forget how I laughed throughout while agreeing with the truths in it.

Wanting: to carry out lots of projects. It can be crazy when your head is bursting with so much ideas and you don’t know which one to choose. Do you have those “periods”?

Playing: nothing. Just writing a lot these days.

Wasting: no time in telling you about my new team mates. This was one huge hurdle I had to cross. They are really creative people in whom I am well pleased. I look forward to tackling lots of challenges with them.

Wishing: every woman out there a wonderful life on earth. To mothers who has left this world to meet our creator, may your sweet souls continue to rest. We celebrate you all everyday. *Mothers day was celebrated on Sunday by Catholics*

Enjoying: my hangout group more. Our whatsapp group is the most interesting group I am on. Have you created a hangout in your area? What’s your interest?

Liking: my Facebook feeds now. I used to have a lot of people as friends I have never said hi to for years. So, I had to delete them especially since I didn’t know them personally and their profiles weren’t quite interesting to me. Now, I see the posts of those I care about and those I want to connect with. The fewer, the better.

Wondering: the easiest way to get my tommy in. It has been bulging out of late and it’s really not comfortable especially when I want to wear certain dresses. Please help me! I need a tip or two. Let’s kill this belly fat before it gets worse.

Loving: that my survey for models was very productive and I look forward to coming up with an activity soon. It’s going to be fun. I can feel it.

Hoping: you read this post about working on your Instagram account. It’s the first step to an influencing page.

Remembering: my primary school days. One of my friends from primary school will be getting married soon and I am on the bridal train. Did I mention that this will be the second time in my life as a bridesmaid? Though I’m one of those who aren’t so much into it but I’m glad to be part of her great day. I look forward to the experience. Is there any tip or advice you want to share with me so as not to break the bridesmaid code, if any?

Smelling: the noodles I just made with the fresh pepper from my compound. It tastes awesome. Come and join me.

Wearing: a big smile from me to you.

Following: lots of designers and their jobs. My interest in fashion has increased by 300%. I really hope it amounts to something amazing.

Noticing: that PHCN has started restoring power on days they so wish. It stays long enough to charge my devices to a reasonable level and we don’t see power again for a while. How is power in your area?

Knowing: it’s the first quarter of the year almost coming to an end. I still have some goals not achieved and that’s not cool. How far have you gone with your goals? Please share. I will like to learn from you.

Thinking: of a chat I had with a Facebook friend on the easiest way to know God. I haven’t stopped thinking since that day. He said there was no easy way. From all he said, I understood that it takes a day to decide to follow him. We are also to expect going off sometimes but it’s our job to stand up and keep moving with him. One of the most inspiring chat I have had so far.

Creating: more time for great projects, adventures and travels. It has been amazing so far.

Bookmarking: the most amazing lines I love in the bible. It’s good to know that we have a manual that actually guides us in life. We should read and study the word often.

Opening: Psalm 23. I have known it since I was a kid. But somehow, I wanted to read the writings on that page.

Giggling: at how much there is to explore and achieve.

Feeling: overwhelmingly great.

How did the month of March go for you? Was it productive or nay? Any part you need to improve on? I will love to hear from you as always.

Love and Cheers💕

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