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Making: sure that I stick to my MAY goals. That of April was 60% achieved and I am thankful for that. How did your April go?

Drinking: nothing. Not water or drinks. I slacked on my water drinking and my body felt it. I have to regroup.

Reading: everything and anything I see. A habit I used to have and now it’s back.

Wanting: more from life. Not like I am not contented but I have this feeling of seeing and knowing more. Do you ever feel that way?

Playing: Adonai by Sonnie Badu. It is the first song on my phone. What’s the first song on your phone?

Wasting: no time in announcing that my cloth line has finally been launched. Can I hear someone singing and dancing on my behalf? I’m equally so happy. It feels so good seeing ideas turn to reality. You can see photos here. Follow us on @olliestyletees and don’t forget to wear a feeling!

Wishing: I executed my blog and cloth line idea before now. I remember a friend told me years back to start blogging but I felt it was too hard to do. I wasn’t ready to learn anything techie. After my event failed and I went into hiding, I had to do something. Here I am today. But hey, it’s better late than never, right?

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Enjoying: my playlist. I added some gospel songs on my phone to help in my spiritual journey. The songs are mostly from Nathaniel Bassey, Sonnie Badu, Glowreeyah. The one with Frank Edwards and Don Moen is bae. I relate to Nigerian gospel songs better because I get to stop whatever I am doing to wave my hands. Do you have any other gospel artist you can recommend?

Liking: the way I wake up smiling. Honestly, I feel the vibes in this month. I have been doing my best to remain in that lane because it means a lot to me.

Wondering: when I will get to travel. I need to travel. I need to explore. I am seriously considering the east for reasons I don’t know. I have visited all states in the west but haven’t explored it enough. Where is the best place you have visited in Nigeria and why? I just might try going there too.

Loving: the clothes I got from SeamplySylvia. I equally have to up my style game. I am just stuck in that area.

Hoping: I do a giveaway real soon. I think it’s time to start appreciating my readers.

Taking Stock 05:16-IModelAfrica

Remembering: our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives in the Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen saga. I pray God rest your souls and please intercede for us, the living. Tell God we want a better governance and a better peace.

Smelling: the hotness of the sun. This sun has no chill. Every corner with AC has become my hiding place. I never want to leave there. I wonder how these guys who do menial jobs like pushing barrows survive.

Wearing: my short hair! Arrrrgh . I finally cut my hair short!!! Ha! I didn’t believe I actually sat for my hair to go low. It isn’t that bad because I allowed my natural hair to grow and finally I cut off the relaxed part. I started transitioning since July 2015. You won’t believe how I transitioned. I could not afford a relaxer at some point and I left my hair. I came across a naturalists group on BBM and at that time, my sister was transitioning too and I thought “Oh, I can do this” . Here I am today loving my true essence.

Taking Stock 05:16-IModelAfrica

Following: lots of lifestyle bloggers. It is really fascinating to see life from another view. Beautiful pictures, perfect words and a healthy lifestyle. It’s funny how we get to know them like they are family. Lifestyle blogging is my most interesting type of blogging.

Noticing: that writing on the blog doesn’t seem like a job to me anymore. I love that I always have to write and inspire someone out there. Though the only stressful thing is the amount of time I spend designing the graphics or editing pictures. Also the hopes that someone is reading and getting inspired.

Knowing: that the second quarter of the year is here and there is no joke. We have a deadline. Ouchhh.

Taking Stock 05:16-IModelAfrica

Thinking: of who or what? Don’t know. My mind is just bare as of writing this post.

Creating: strategies that will work in publicizing my new cloth line and making sales.

Bookmarking: Olyvia.co for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Opening: a book I got from sister. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It’s an awesome book to read if you want to find out what God wants from you.

Giggling: at the photoshoot we actually did with a phone. Not quite a 100% but very nice.

Feeling: blessed.

Taking Stock 05:16-iModelAfrica


Taking Stock 05:16-IModelAfrica

Soft lace top and Face skirt by @seamplysylvia

Love and Cheers💕

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