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Making Craving : noodles with so much pepper. Since I fell ill, that’s what I eat.

Drinking: water and anything slightly bitter.

Reading: random articles on the Internet. I also saw a couple of books that I fell in love with.

Wanting: rest! Been so stressed.

Playing: with my phone.

Wasting: no time in saying thank you for the love you showed me in my last post. I never knew getting married was a biggy.

Wishing: everyone a sound health of mind and body.

Enjoying: the love and care shown to me but I need it in a better state.

Liking: all of my Instagram followers. I am planning a give away and that will be on Instagram. Better hurry and follow @imodelafrica_

Wondering: if you know anyone into bag making. I have some items for them. Follow @imodelafrica_ to get them.

Loving: my new collections. Have you seen them? Hurry to @olliestyletees and tell me what you think.

Hoping: you subscribe so you get to hear from me and also be the first to know when I am giving out a gift.

Remembering: you all and saying thank you for the love so far.

Smelling: nothing but drugs! Arrrgh

Wearing: a weave on. I made it for my friends wedding in this post and I have been craving to remove it. I’m just so used to wearing my hair now.

Following: the wonderful people I met at Ajegunle. Congratulations to the new queen. Follow @missajegunlecity to see who won the crown!

Noticing: how fast the days keep going. You think you have enough time until it’s the end of the month.

Knowing: I have to make all my trips a reality.

Thinking: of getting better and on my feet.

Creating: this post now.

Bookmarking: sisiyemmie. Her blog has been so nice to me. I love the look and feel. Her content is so on point. She is officially a mentor!

Opening: a new link I just discovered.

Giggling: at the month of June and hope it ends as it started.

Feeling: blessed.

Love and Cheers💕

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