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HAPPY NEW MONTH GUYS!!! It’s September already and Christmas is drawing near. Let’s do a quick review of how August went down and I hope you share yours too.

Making: life as beautiful as I can for myself since I learnt to live intentionally. I haven’t explored fully and I am loving it already. Life rocks!

Drinking: water and Wilson juice. We gotta stay healthy.

Reading: a wonderful book by T.D Jakes- The lady, her lover and her lord. It’s taking forever to finish because of projects I have at hand but I must finish it. (Pray for me). I got the book from Read A Book Now.

Wanting: so many things this period. So let me not bore you with details.

Playing: no music of late. It’s okay if you play one, I will listen.

Wasting: no time and energy this time around.

Wishing: I could just scream “Young female entrepreneurs” and everyone will respond. But they are just wishes. I have to work toward knowing them. So, if you know any young female entrepreneur, tell her there is a community of sisters waiting to know and support her. Tell her about this blog and join the Facebook group.

Enjoying: that I have time to myself and the other time I use to work, it gets productive. Very and money-ly productive.

Liking: that everything I have been learning for years, I’m currently and finally putting to use. Fear and doubt are crazy sisters. I felt I wasn’t equipped enough to help or teach people. Now I know I just have to start and roll. September is beautiful.

Wondering: if you have social media struggles, I can help you sort it out. Just clink on this link.  This free session will not be open again. I will be glad to have your money. 😀

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Loving: the women I meet these days. They are super-humans and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to know them all. Watch out for all of us.

Hoping: that I do a style shoot soon. I miss all the fun behind the camera. Any photographer who wants to help my ministry is welcome. Lol

Remembering: old songs from my days as a kid and I don’t even know why it’s happening. I love this one my cousin sings “If na me eat this rice, okpongolo must to carry me. Fish must to swallow me” I don’t know where she got that from but it’s super hilarious. The energy and the key she puts into that song is something else. What’s your favourite childhood song?

Smelling: the body mix on my skin. Smells like gum. Lovely. Thanks to hairffiliation.

Wearing: my natural hair plaited in a funny way. I have been called all sorts of name at home from Agbomma to Mgbeke. I don’t mind as long as I don’t have to comb everyday.

Noticing: how intentional I have been about living my life. It’s not easy because it takes discipline. It also saves time, keeps you from worry and helps you focus on what’s important.

Knowing: my alter ego has been at work for days and I also hope she gets to work soon.

Thinking: of ways to make the next hangout lovely. I and my team have also decided it should hold once in 3 months and it’s exciting. That way, ladies get to prepare themselves (in mind and money because it will be paid), a better venue and hosting, quality content and great opportunities at large. *singing* Things are getting better. See details of past hangouts here and here.

Creating: this post and looking forward to your comments.

Bookmarking: all the graces and blessings that comes with the “Ember month”.

Opening: a new chapter this month. It’s a whole new phase and I totally appreciate it. The hangout, the blog and my personal service. Everything makes so much sense now.

Giggling: at August. I finally got to work on my bucket list. Pizza down! Volunteering down! It doesn’t mean I will stop them. The second edition of iMAN also happened in August. Awesome activities and they make my life beautiful in ways I didn’t imagine.

Feeling: fulfilled.

Love and Cheers

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