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Tacking Stock_imodelafrica 11:15

Photography by Sylvia_dtailor. This photo came as a joke but I love it.


Making: preparations already for 2016.

Drinking: lots of water.

Reading: a lot of spiritual books.

Wanting: power so badly. PHCN isn’t trying these days.

Playing: Each tear by Mary J. bilge featuring Jay Sean. It’s a very inspirational and old song but I can’t do away with it.

Wasting: no time in scheduling my plans. It helps me stay organized.

Wishing: for a fabulous Christmas. It’s a few days away already and I can wait to experience all the joy that comes with it,again!

Enjoying: my home. No matter where I go, I always crave for home.

Liking: the weather. It’s rainy and cool. But is the rain not supposed to stop already?

Wondering: when I eventually get to attend this meeting I have been re-scheduling. It’s the second time now.

Loving: the new Imodelafrica look. I hope you love it too.

Hoping: I am really able to touch as many lives as possible because at the end thats what matters.

Remembering: all who have died. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

Smelling: the soap I used in washing my hand. Feels like an ice cream.

Wearing: my natural hair. Yes. I’m still on it. Gradually transiting to a naturalista.

Following: the way, the truth and the life.

Noticing: the way I crave to remain happy no matter the situation.

Knowing: that someday I will begin to explore.

Thinking: of all the possible partnerships there are.

Creating: a daily plan for my self. I feel like there is a lot to do sometimes. So the daily plan helps me stay in check.

Bookmarking: smartbcamp.com Where ever that young man goes, I will go.

Opening: a new chapter in my life. It’s worth living.

Giggling: at all the fantastic tools I have gotten for work. Facing the screen just became easy. Amazing!

Feeling: optimistic.





Skirt and Top: Sylvia_dtailor

Shoe: Fiore

Hair: Mine Faithfully.

Location: Front of my home.



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