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Making: all plans to make sure I finish 2016 strong. It’s been a lot of underground work. Can we start making the money already?

DrinkingRealizing: how living the dream life takes so much conscious effort to come to fruition.

Reading: my public speaking book. I haven’t finished it. I am honestly thinking of taking on another book till the motivation for the old one comes. Cool idea?

Wanting: an office space, laptop, printer, camera etc. and more vacation. I had to rearrange my room to get a space. I haven’t started any major work though.

Playing: all the memories from my Ibadan trip with this wide smile on my face.

Wasting: no time in achieving my goals. It seems like a lot and I cut down on information I consume. I sometimes feel overwhelmed and I just get to work with what I already know. You know that saying “start with what you have”. By the way, I hope you have set your goals for November. Did October goals go well?

Wishing: I gained clarity before now. It would have been a lot easier but instead of wishing, I remain grafetul. No one will believe all this officially started in June.

Enjoying: the feel of nature. I want to be all around it.

Liking: the Samsung Edge phone. Wow. That phone is really nice. I love the camera quality and the features it has. I also like how the screen rolls to the sides and even how bold it makes pictures and texts look. With that phone, it’s most likely I won’t be carrying a camera around. I used it to take photos.

Wondering: if things are still increasing in my price in your area. I don’t understand how something is N300 today and the next day, it’s N700. What’s the situation of things around you?

Loving: the dream life. It’s super clear and it’s beautiful. I wish you can see it.

Hoping: for a beautiful November.

Remembering: our brothers and sisters who have left this world. We continue to pray for their souls to rest.

Smelling: yam porridge we just made. I have had my share but I want more.

Wearing: my lovely pink top and white short. Been a while I tried it on.

Noticing: the body pains I suffer and also the weight that I am adding. I really have to find a way to stay faithful to exercising.

Knowing: I have been away from the blog and my social media accounts. It is not intentional. But once I am done with iMAN and the underground work, I will be all yours.

Thinking: of iMAN 3. That’s all in my head right now and being the last one for the year, it’s going to be lit.

Creating: a course. It’s going to be my first. I will tell you more about it soon.

Bookmarking: and saving pins on Pinterest.

Opening: new pages and opportunities for iMAN. I am all excited and cannot wait to share it with you when we are ready. Don’t worry, it’s not LIS.

Giggling: at how I felt when I was told a spoon of rice was N35 in Ibadan and I thought to myself “in this time?”

Feeling: great

PS: I will not act like this didn’t come late. So sorry about that. It’s here now and I will like to know what you have been up to. Drop your comments below!


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  1. Adaeze Zita

    November 15, 2016 at 10:05 am

    At the price of things going up, it is so crazy and unbelievable. I am so worried about people who couldn’t afford to eat a square meal before. How in God’s name will they survive this.
    Thanks for this inspiring post. Reminds me of my goals and my frustrations and the fact I know we would live these dreams of ours.

    • Ollie

      November 15, 2016 at 6:34 pm

      My exact thoughts about those who can’t afford a meal. Nigeria needs help and it starts with us.

      Thank you for reading, Adaeze and I am glad this inspired you. We will definitely live our dreams!!!

  2. Onyinye

    November 17, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Inspired by the fact that I can still look around and find people other than me having big dreams. What lies ahead seems scary, but persistence pays. Thanks for sharing!

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