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Making: time for myself has really become a thing of the past. They say suffer now and enjoy later. True but I also think it is time to find me reliable team mates. I feel next year is going to be more work filled.

Drinking: lots of water and the results are amazing.

Reading: the benefits of green tea and I am wowed. It is like a miracle tea and I am definitely getting some when my mind is made up. Lol

Wanting: more of THE EXPERIENCE by House on the rock. It was actually my first time attending it and I was not disappointed. From Chioma Jesus to Donnie McClurkin, Doen Moen, Frank Edward, Sonnie Badu, Midnight Crew and not to forget Akpororo. I was simply amazed at the thousands of youths gathered to worship God. See short clips on my Instagram page @imodelafrica_

Playing: Pick up by Adekunle Gold. I just love his creativity in that song.

Wasting: no time in warming up for the new year. I have a lot of plans but there is this major one that’s much of a big deal to me and I hope I don’t faint while achieving it. I hope you do have your own major plan?

Wishing: I could take a day off to sleep without having to think of anything. Just me and sleep! Also wishing Joel a successful exam. I really don’t know how it feels writing exams during Christmas. Weird!

Enjoying: the cold weather.

Liking: the harmattan but it is not as cold as I want it yet. We all have to protect ourselves from cold and dust to avoid the flu. And to my dry skin fellas…brace up.

Wondering: what plans you all have for this season. I am yet to make one. Any ideas?

Loving: how my coconut oil works on my skin and the smell it leaves is just perfect.

Hoping: for a wonderful Christmas.

Remembering: how back then in secondary school, we bathed with cold water. It was really freezing with smoke coming out from our mouths and body. Now, I pet myself to shower. Life!

Smelling: my coconut oil. I just can’t miss it.

Wearing: a pink short gown with a polka dot ash strap.

Following: urrrrm. 💭

Noticing: how everything dries so fast! 20 minutes and you are good to wear. I call it the “wash and wear season”.

Knowing: it is the harmattan season and that I need to protect myself no matter what. I already have a light sore throat and it is very discomforting.

Thinking: of how and where to get myself the perfect products for my skin. My skin gets offended easily and it troubles me. Once I get the products and it works, I will share it here for anyone who has related problems and seeks solutions.

Creating: a to-do list has become part of my life. I literally do everything with that list and I like that it helps me stay organized.

Bookmarking: imodelafrica.com and I sincerely hope you do too.😍

Opening: no book for now. Haven’t been able to get a book. Which do you recommend I read?

Giggling: whenever I refer to myself as “Woman in Tech”. I remember how I refused going down this path.

Feeling: proud of myself already and how far the year has gone. I am also grateful for a year well spent. I feel like SCREAMING! Season’s greetings to you.


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