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Making: sure that all the cobwebs here are brought down because it has been a while on Taking stock! Who missed me?

Drinking: lots and lots of water. My intake of water has been on a whole new level. By the way, who read that article on Coke?

Reading: books! What else if not books? I read one by Kenneth Copeland and Think Big by Ben Carson. I am currently reading a third one which I’m struggling to finish. I also appreciate the idea of audio books so I will be doing more of that.

Wanting: more out of life.

Playing: or imagining me playing chess. I want to learn how to play that game by all means. I will definitely need a teacher who will explain it to me like he/she is teaching a three-year-old. The chess thing got into me recently. Thanks to Phiona of Queen of Katwe.

Wasting: nothing not even makeup.

Wishing: I had learned a better way of managing my finances. I got so broke and it really got to me. I equally got into some messy financial issues. Right now, I’m taking some steps back and I’m like “How did I get here?”.  I had to take some financial challenges and I’m learning to be financially disciplined. I guess learning the hard way rocks sometimes. The lessons have also helped me. I set a goal for February and doubled it in March. I’m raising the bar higher for April.

Enjoying: the journey to becoming. The first quarter was a great one. I had about 3 speaking engagements (online and offline). I also got an award, launched my courses and made more money.

Liking: all of the strategic moves that have been made so far. Mostly around a business structure, products and finances.

Wondering: what your billion dollar dream is. Mine is to own the largest social media management company in Africa that will cater for clients needs professionally.

Loving: this cool weather and this amazing song by Victor Ike and Frank Edwards that makes me do calisthenics.

Hoping: I get to write a book or two soon.

Remembering: all the businesses I had to do just to figure out this one that I care about. Clarity is everything and I pray it happens for you soon.

Smelling: fresh air.

Wearing: my favourite pink top and short from my university days.

Noticing: those foods that aren’t good for me. Groundnut has been in my good books too.

Knowing: that all is well for those who believe.

Thinking: of iMAN in every state. I had a picture which was quite big and needed so many funds. But now, I have a humbling bigger picture which doesn’t need funds but capable hands to make it successful. We are currently taking state leaders. If interested, click here.

Creating: my second course, Instagram for Business Pro. Check out my first course on blogging here.

Bookmarking: testimonials from my client. I am falling in love with older clients. They seem to have the vibe to learn and implement more.

Opening: my bible. Hope, life, and goodness lie in it.

Giggling: and blushing at my beautiful future.

Feeling: thankful for every challenge and opportunity that has come my way.

Meanwhile, I want you to enjoy social media tips that can take your business from 0 to 100 by using this link: m.me/imodelafrica

Love and Cheers.

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