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Thanking: God for life. It is really funny how you see someone today and the next minute they are gone. For every second you live, give thanks.

Making: a bag.

Creating: a hub where players in the model industry can connect and discuss.

Drinking: lots of water. Trying to make it a habit actually.

Reading: messages from Dee. That young man keeps me smiling all day and I appreciate him a lot because whenever I call for work, he answers.

Wanting: God to give me a sign.

Looking: forward to my birthday. It is on the 20th of this month. Hurray!!!

Playing: Our Voices by Dasuki. My sister gave me the song, I listened to it and I totally loved it. I had to use it as my ring tone. The song has deep lyrics.

Wasting: no time in getting my video deals sealed and launching Tadall.

Wishing: my camcorder could take amazing photographs. It is better off for videos though. I love the photographs my HTC phone gives. Glad I found use for it asides making phone calls.

Enjoying: the cool breeze after the evening rain and into the morning. It is indeed a compensation for the hot afternoon sun.

Waiting: to finish up my skill acquisition class.

Liking: that there are 50 shades of me. Hundreds of people have agreed that I don’t look the same at every new look I wear.

Wondering: when I am going to get my make up kit and makeup lessons.

Loving: the thoughts of making a smoothie someday. I watched a lot on YouTube with Nonso.

Praying: for Nigeria, her leaders and citizenry.

Hoping: I get a laptop soon. Lol. Working with my iPad is telling on my neck especially.

Marveling: at how Immaculate noticed I wasn’t into making up. It was our first meeting! That will change soon.

Remembering: Purple Creation and how well it prepared me for this moment. I am grateful to everyone who worked with me then.

Needing: a coach on how to use a sewing machine.

Smelling: the smoke from my uncle’s neighbours generator. Windows are open!

Wearing: my natural hair for over 3 months. There is something I want to try on it.

Following: John Obidi. Someone needs to tell him how much he has helped in waking me up. That guy made me realize that there are different sides to Alaba Market. Lol. Everyone can’t be in the market. Some have to sell and some have to supply. More thanks to Charles Isidi and Darlington Ajayi for bringing him my way. *na online we dey o*. He gives away so much information without cost and somehow him belle dey full. Every entrepreneur should listen to him.

Noticing: how my baby cousin smiles at the mention of the word “BOOM”.

Knowing: that I have to enjoy all the love I have now and just hope for the best.

Thinking: of countries I will travel to. I love traveling and will like to explore as much as I can. I am making a list.


Opening: my bible.

Giggling: more than ever.

Feeling: grateful for all I have.

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