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This eBook has been on the way for long and I am so excited to have it born. So many of you helped me to choose the suitable name for it and I am grateful.

Finally, ‘The Business Of Social Media Management’ is out. I wrote this book for intending social media managers who don’t know the first thing about managing pages for clients.


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I made some mistakes and had to put it in a book for others to learn from it. If you want to become a social media manager, this book is for you.

The book teaches you what you should do to develop yourself, handle the job and manage your clients. It is an 18 page eBook packed with so much value and I hope it blesses you.

11 copies were given free to my amazing readers on Facebook and I am grateful to the sponsors. Asides buying the book, you get to join our community of social media managers. There, you can share insights, challenges, ideas and proffer solutions. Don’t keep calm. Tell your friends about it.

Get your copy here.

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