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There are times days when I feel like work has taken control over me. I wonder if you do feel that choked up moment .the feeling that the errands, chores, work and tight schedules are just eating you up. I know how it feels and when it comes to that, I quickly take up a deep breath and say to myself “stay calm”. I quickly look for my loyal Ying and Yang pen and paper and do some scheduling. That way, I feel better and I have control over my work and thoughts! As simple as this seems, it is very powerful and a lot of us ignore it. There are different reasons I opt for a to do list as soon as I feel confused and over powered different letters playing in my head at the same time. I will share these reasons with you.


Listing your plans for the day helps you follow them up and helps you execute them thoroughly. Whatever it is you have to do, down to buying an airtime to make that business call, write it down. Having a lot in your head makes you forget to drink water the simplest things.


It is one thing to write down all that you have to do for the day, it’s another thing to strictly follow up and do them. It’s always important to do about 60% of what you have to do. In order of importance, attack those activities. You don’t want to feel like a looser. At the end of the day, you should look at your list and be proud of what you have achieved.


It helps you stay organised. It gives you this feeling of staying on track, within range. You know, just how you count 1 before 2, that’s how it feels. It helps you know which activity needs urgent attention and you get to reach your goals faster. You know what you want and you head straight for it.


That moment when you stare at yourself and say “ I am a super human” because every step you have written, you have written, you have achieved. People who write down their goals tend to be more productive than those who just have it in their head. Write it down.

I am not talking theory. I’m telling you this because this works for me every time and every day I go to bed the next job smiling.

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PS: The best time to draft your to do list is in the night as against the next day or the first thing in the morning. I hope you draft one today and watch yourself achieve more than you thought you could. For every goal, you achieve, remember to check!

PSS: The to-do list can also be written digitally. That means you can write them on the notebook apps on your smart phone. I am still very much of a traditional person. So even if I write it on my phone or iPad, somehow I still write it in a book. Both ways work for me. So you choose the method that works for you and stay organised.

PSSS: You can google “To do list apps” for more options.

For my Android phone, I use Color note. I like it because of the various colours. The ability to write in text or list. You can also check when you have finished a task. There are so many reasons I love it. On my iPad, I use the note book that came with it and it is just lovely. It has a sleek feel.

If this post has helped you or you just had your aha moment, share with your friends and comment below. I will love to hear from you.

Love and Cheers.

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