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A wonderful weekend to you. I am glad that people are beginning to understand the modeling business and are beginning to ask lots of questions. One more thing… Please don’t read and go away. Some people read and then contact me personally to comment. Thank you so much but I want the comments here. The comments will go a long way to help us build a community and we can share our different ideas. So please, the comments happens here on the blog. Gracias!

I want to share tips on things you need to put in check when launching a modeling agency. There are lots of young girls and boys out there searching for an agency to believe in them. But before you reach out to them, you have to organize and package yourself. If you don’t, you will be perceived as a scam or just another agency that wants to extort them. So, if you plan on launching an agency sometime soon or later or you know someone who does, you should read this and share with them.


We have two kinds of presence. The Online and Physical presence.

In this era of technology and Internet, you cannot afford to go MIA on the web space. It is important that you have an online presence. It is natural for me to ask for your website after talking to me about your business. It shows how serious and active you are. Having a website isn’t all there is. That website must also be updated frequently and the name should be easy to remember and pronounce. You can also go ahead to open Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for your agency. It shows you are authentic and ready for business. This makes it easy for people to reach you on various platforms.

Physical presence simply means having an office. I know how expensive offices can be these days but this is highly important. Your models and clients can always locate you for jobs, enquiries, and any other thing.



There are modeling agencies that carved a niche for themselves. So it’s either they are solely into commercials or fashion or fitness. Black Dove modeling agency is an example of an agency that is known for commercials.
There are agencies that do a combination of all kinds of modeling that thrives in Nigeria. Few Model Management does Fashion and commercials.
It is safe to combine them all as long as you have clients coming.


You can either scout by traveling or going to places where you can see these models or you put out words for an open casting. Examples of places where you can see these models are fashion shows, castings, beauty pageants, malls etc.
Whatever decision that you take, make sure that these models will serve the purpose for which you are scouting them. A plus size model won’t fit for a runway show that is meant for skinny and sharp collar bone models. Have a laid down feature of the kind of models you want in your agency.


This should be the important thing before you even start scouting for models. If you don’t have the right network or connections to get you jobs, don’t bother about disturbing any model. You will be taken for a joke. These models don’t like to be kept dormant. I always like to say that if jobs don’t come, then create one. It is better than staring at these models and giving them excuses.


This is also highly important and equally the most tricky part. This is where some agencies show their greed and some models also don’t study to know their legal rights. I always like to have all necessary documents down. As an agency, you should have a lawyer construct a document the model has to sign to show that he or she is your model. The document should also state terms on which up the contract can be terminated and how payments will be made. The percentages the model and the agency will receive after a job should be clearly stated. If not, you might run into trouble one day. It should state other benefits he/she will be entitled to as your model.

So let me ask you these questions.
1) What kind of agency do you want to run?
2) What kind of models will fit your kind of agency? Physical features.
3) How will you keep the models busy will jobs?
4) How do you intend to get clients?
5) How will your models get paid? What percentage of the income is theirs?
6) What other benefits do they get from signing with you?
7) Do you have an online and physical presence?

Were you able to answer them? Congratulations. You can get to work if you are able to sort these out. Package your modeling agency well and you will be in business. When the stress becomes so much you can’t handle, you can employ and delegate jobs to your team mates.

If you found this post useful or you have questions, contributions or comments…I will be glad to hear from you in the comment section.

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Have a phenomenal weekend. ❤️

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