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Hey super bosses! Hope we had a great weekend? I am still trying to ease the tension in my mind and my head. In case you don’t know what I am talking about, I switched blog paths and I talked about it here. Honestly, this is one decision I have taken in a long time that has made me so uncomfortable. But you know what they say about your goals making you scared…you go for it!
I honestly don’t know what to say because I’m am still working in and out, trying to fix things. In as much as I feel uncomfortable, I feel so much satisfaction. I wake up these days happy and ready to deliver. All that I have learnt in years, I finally get to use them well. I use them but this is a better fit.
I don’t know how many of us out there are fueling a passion for the wrong business. If you know anyone like that, let them know that it is never wrong to quit and start afresh…even if its the 100th time! You might be seen as unstable, not trust worthy and all of those stuff but its better to spend time building a fulfilling and profitable business. Those people who see you as unstable will applaud you for seeing beyond their understanding and taking the bold step.
I must add that this path is tricky because it makes one vulnerable. You always want people to validate your thoughts and actions. You search for more words from their lips and more signs from their eyes. You always crave for a YES and even when you get it ,you ask again “are you sure its not NO?” But there is a big GOD who assures us that we can conquer as long as we reveal our plans to him.
If you ever feel like what I used to feel (because we have to move on!) , go ahead with your plans. Even if it fails, unplan and replan again till you get it. While we find out ways to face our challenges, please take out time to fill this survey so that I can serve you better.
Remember, Passion won’t pay the bills. Strategy will!

Is it emotional in here or is it just me?

Have a wonderful week. Love and Cheers.

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