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You should use the Instagram album this way or else…

I was super impressed with the Instagram team when I saw the update on Instagram album. It means that asides being a photography platform, it has become a storytelling platform.

This confirms that Instagram isn’t just a social media platform, it is a must use social media platform for every business.

What is the Instagram album?

It is a feature introduced by Instagram. It can hold up to 10 pictures or videos in one post. You can liken it to the traditional photo album in your house, this time, it is digital.

But don’t be carried away with this feature. Don’t start thinking creating an album of selfies and beach photos is the next best thing to do especially as a business owner. That is good but thinking of how that can help you increase profit is good too.


Can you bring in your conversational style into this? Yes, you can. It’s even more powerful with photos.

Carefully curate photos that can tell a story as regards your business, a client, a problem, a solution, a job etc. Make sure these photos evoke a feeling.

It could be that you want them to understand how your product works, how happy a client is, how a problem was solved, values of your brand etc. So, it means that whatever you post should make them comment, like, share, ask questions or testify.

You should use this feature as much as you can. Make sure to be strategic about it as well.

Have you tried the Instagram album? What’s your progress so far? If you haven’t, what’s your challenge? Have you tried

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