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Talking about the online vision board has been on all my to do lists for the past 3 weeks. I finally won’t have to transfer it to another. What’s more important is sharing this golden secret with you. Successful people have tapped into the power of the vision board and have achieved a lot. Just as writing your to do list makes a difference, so does creating the image of that life you so desire.

A vision board is simply a dream board. It is a pictorial representation of all that you desire to achieve in life. It helps you stay on track. The vision board is mostly done traditionally by getting a board and pinning magazines on them. It never worked for me though because getting a board and magazines was almost impossible.

I later realized that I could easily improvise. I could use my laptop screen as my board and simply get images. Wow. It was perfect for me! The traditional method has the advantage of being placed in a strategic place and seeing it always. Well, for the digital… You and I will figure that out.

So, it actually took me time to come up with a vision board because I was always postponing. I figured I could as well do a vision board meet up… Vision board challenge. Everyday, we will look into our hearts ( down to the tommy if possible) and find that which we solely desire. We will tackle some sectors of life one after the other. Maybe, the most important.

This challenge will happen on Instagram. For every sector of life that we dream of, you simply search for corresponding images and tag Day 1 @imodelafrica #visionboardchallenge.

I expect you to have a copy on your laptop, phone, tablet or whatever device you are using. Together, we can build our dreams while we channel our strength to achieve them.

I will also be posting photographs too. At the end of the challenge, I will give you a tool to merge all the photos together and see how beautiful your life is and we will work together to achieve them.

You have to subscribe to get on the vibes. Every day for 10 days, mails will be sent out as a reminder of the day’s task. Even if you are not a model, you are most welcome to join us in creating a beautiful life. Simply follow @imodelafrica_ to join.

Are you ready?

Shake up your ginger because we will start soon. As always, share with your friends and don’t hoard.

Love and cheers.

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