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Yaaay. I am back and so sorry for my mini absence. I had to look forward to the hangout that held on Saturday. I had a wonderful time with the amazing ladies that came around. Truth is, we didn’t have much people in the hangout. I mean, we register for things and don’t attend them right? I learnt my lessons though. iMAN 2.0 will be much better by God’s grace. Many thanks to Lotanna of the Skills Tribe, she is simply awesome. For a moment, she was like a magician. She had a solution to everyone’s networking challenges and I could see smiles on everyone’s face. One thing I liked about the hangout was that it was very intimate and highly impactful. There was no girly serenseren and everyone was open to talk.


Weekend Vibes x iMAN Hangout-iModelAfrica

Onyinye – An Artiste

Weekend Vibes x iMAN Hangout-iModelAfrica

Ogochukwu got us a very fruity cake and we loved it!

One thing I learnt from the event about networking is how to start conversations with people I meet for the first time. Lotanna was quick to give a very simple guide. In her words ‘when meeting people, look for similarities and not differences’ Very simple, yet powerful.

Weekend Vibes x iMAN Hangout-iModelAfrica


Weekend Vibes x iMAN Hangout-iModelAfrica

What this means is that, some of us think we are not up to standard when we find ourselves in a gathering and so we remain reserved because unconsciously you have damaged your self-worth. Why not find out the similarities? Is she a naturalist, photographer, is she wearing a beautiful dress? Find that one thing you both have in common and use it to start a conversation and then just flow. She said a lot of things that I can’t say here but then a video will be out soon and I will put it up for download for free. Nice. Right? I am generous like that.

Weekend Vibes x iMAN Hangout-iModelAfrica

Enjoy the pictures and oh, that of August is around the corner. Watch this space for more details and you can follow us @imanetwork to see more photos.

Weekend Vibes x iMAN Hangout-iModelAfrica

How did your weekend go?

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  1. Lade

    July 31, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Such a great tip- look for the similarities!! Now i know what to do rather than look at the sky lmao. I enjoyed the weekend eating loads of icecream and unhealthy food and i don’t even feel guilty.

  2. Stanley C. Ozoh

    November 7, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    Nice write up, keep the flag flying. Just visited the site for the first time today. You are doing a great Job Joy, The Joy of the Lord is your strength.

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