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“Ask and you shall receive” is a phrase most of us heard before when it comes to asking God for what we want or need. But when was the last time you asked others for something you truly believed you deserved? Whether it be a raise or promotion at work, a date with someone you admire, or simply a new challenge with your friends, asking will get you steps ahead of what you truly want. However, not a lot of people are asking for a few reasons, and you may be one of them as well. And here are the two common reasons why.

1. The fear of rejection –

The classic fear most (if not all people) have regardless of their age. People grow too concerned with the feeling of rejection that they fail to ask for anything because of this. Now, I know no one likes hearing no, but we need to understand that rejection is inevitable. You won’t always here a “yes” when you ask for what you deserve, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask especially because you may be passing off several opportunities that you may not be aware of.

2. That you may not be ‘deserving’ enough –

Asking for what you deserve is a test of your confidence because some people feel as though they aren’t deserving enough to ask for a promotion, a date or for a new challenge so they cling onto the hope of waiting for the perfect moment. What most likely happens is time will pass and they won’t ask at all because their confidence level may not even change at all from what it was. If you’ve been doing all that you can (and taking the initiative to do more), why shouldn’t you be deserving enough?
So here’s how you can conquer those two common reasons:
• Expect to hear a NO! – Sounds weird, but if you prepare yourself to hear a NO rather than a YES, you’ll be less surprised if whatever you ask for doesn’t pan your way. And don’t take the NO as a final NO, but rather “this isn’t the best option for right now” or “you may not be the best fit for this”. If this is for a raise or promotion for your work, take the initiative and help your colleagues or boss more with tasks so they understand why you’re a great fit for what you’re asking for. That way, when you ask for a raise or promotion you’ll be prepared to hear a no, but you can handle the objection with a list of what you helped your team accomplish. If this is for a date for someone you like, this would be a bit different because you can’t necessarily ‘objection handle’ someone’s decision, but rather take it as an opportunity not to bash them, but understand there’s someone better out there for you.
• You deserve it all – As I stated earlier, asking for what you deserve truly is a confidence test. Why wouldn’t you feel that you deserve it all if you’ve been doing everything that you can to prepare you for your question? Understand that you deserve what you’re asking for, so don’t feel as though you shouldn’t have it by not asking!

So, don’t feel afraid to ask. You can’t afford another missed opportunity.


Laura Opoku is a young Empowerment and Life Coach passionate about helping recent graduates and young professionals from college and university navigate through adulthood from everything she’s learned from the business industry, personal experience and the companies that she’s worked with to help you reach your fullest potential by monetizing your gifts and actually achieving the goals you set! She’s currently working on her upcoming book titled “Motivation To Move” set to release in November 2016. Click here if you want a free downloadable copy when it’s out.

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