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We have all had a first time at something. Be it food, travel, sex, business, school, love, church, ….just a first time experience. So many of us barely remember how it went or how we felt. I also cannot remember some of my first time experiences and sometimes I wish I could.

The feeling cannot be well described with words because the body, heart, soul, and mind is all out trying to be in the moment and sometimes, wonder in amazement.
If you follow me on IG (follow me, pretty please) and if you read my bucket list, you probably saw my Pizza gist. Yes! I am in my 20s and I just had my pizza experience last week. Not because I don’t want to but if you know me in person, you will understand some things don’t move me. You will be shocked at the so many things I am yet to experience. Thanks to living safe.
But that was the old me. It’s time to live.
I had to work towards my Pizza experience because my friends kept on saying stuff that I got tired of hearing.
Wonders of a first time -iModelAfrica
I’m sure they are all somewhere reading this post and no, I no dey forbid oyibo food. Lol. My first time experience with Pizza made me appreciate the essence of first times. I was glad I was aware. Fully aware. I was in charge of that moment. An adult who can explain and control how she feels. I was with friends. It felt like an initiation into the Pizza club. I was happy. I laughed hard like a little girl who got her first toy from daddy. I was eager to taste it and get over it.
There was no light and we had to use the rechargeable lamp to record that moment. Lol. My crazy friends.
I unboxed it (I love the packaging) and had my first slice. It tasted good and had just the right amount of everything. I had a few slices and I was satisfied. I like the idea of Pizza for lunch or an any-other-day gift to a loved one. It’s also perfect for a spoil-yourself- treat.
Wonders of a first time -iModelAfrica
I had the Chicken Supreme Pizza which was nice. It had lots of toppings like corn, onion, chicken. I look forward to the Meatzza though simply because of the name. I like the idea of Meatzza because I will eat meat. Lol
Wonders of a first time -iModelAfrica
Somehow, I am grateful that I am experiencing it now because I would never had remembered it this way or even had it documented. It feels good.
Do you ever take record of first time experiences? What’s your favourite first time experience?

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