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Good morning beautiful people . It is Friday already and everyone is happy about the weekend. There is always something about weekends that is just so beautiful.

 Talking about beauty…

I was driving past busy Lagosians rushing to work and the ever busy traders when I saw something that struck me. I saw a lady without legs on a wheel chair and someone pushing the wheelchair. It was not about the wheelchair but the fact that the lady had this really amazing makeup on. She wasn’t begging. She was happy and really had this chic attitude and all I could say was “wow“. 

Many of us dwell in our sorrows and focus more on what’s not going on well for us when we can actually take charge to change things.

Make life beautiful because only you can do that for yourself.

That lady felt worthy to wear a makeup, worthy to smile and there is no better way to thank God for her life. If she could feel good why can’t you?

I encourage us all to live life to the fullest. Turn that sad happening to joy because it can only get better.

If that modeling job isn’t coming, you didn’t win a beauty contest, your boss has been a pain in your ass, you feel like you are alone in the world…toss those feelings away and say to yourself “It is a beautiful day and I will live it in happiness”. 

On that note, have a lovely day people and STAY BEAUTIFUL.


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